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UK-India Focus: Digital Trade | #UKUnlock22 | Panel – 2

We are super excited to share #LawWiser’s #UKUnlock22 Series latest video focusing on ‘UK- India Focus: Digital Trade’ powered by IndusLaw.

Watch our eminent expert panellists discuss various aspects and developments on digital trade between UK- India.

Our panellists:

Paul Baker, Founder & CEO, International Economics Consulting Ltd.

Ashish Chandra, Sr Legal Leader, Former Associate GC- WhatsApp

Avimukt Dar, Founding Partner, IndusLaw

discuss the following

– The data localization issues that need to be addressed to bring Indian companies at par with global companies

– Highlighting the importance of aspects that range from cross-border data flows, development, and adoption of innovative digital trading systems to establishing global cooperation on digital trade

– How does the signing of the India-UK Data Adequacy Agreement facilitate cross-border data transfer?

– How does FTA talks will shape global data and digital rules for both countries?

– How should Protectionism be addressed keeping in view that there needs to be a steady pace for digitization for growth of trade and services

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Cryptocurrency Advertisement Guidelines to Undergo Changes

Tune into this video where LawWiser takes you through the latest update on “Cryptocurrency Advertisement Guidelines to Undergo Changes”.

Watch Prabhjot Singh sharing the update on how with recommendations from the Advertising Standards Council of India the Government is looking to revise the advertisements guidelines for Cryptocurrency.


International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 2021

Today is United Nations International Day of People with disabilities. The theme highlighted for this year by WHO is ‘Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world’.

It is important to promote an understanding of disability issues and support the dignity, rights and wellbeing. One billion, i.e., 15% of world’s population lives with a disability and anyone can experience disability at some point in life.

Watch this video featuring Aditi Aggarwal, #LawWiser, where she shares laws that provide for rights to persons with disability for basic awareness.


Understanding Corporate Due Diligence

Due diligence is a crucial process for any company looking into a merger or acquisition. With the advancement in technology, this has also evolved over time and post-pandemic there has been significant impact on due diligence .

Watch LawWiser’s latest video on ‘Understanding Corporate Due Diligence’ featuring Adeesh Anto, Partner at SAP Legal, in conversation with our host Sania Husaini.

Adeesh briefly answers questions about

– the scope of due diligence,

– process of due diligence,

– assistance of tech provided in the process of due diligence and

– the impact of pandemic on its process, and much more.

Stay tuned for much such videos on #LawWiser.


Carbon Tax in India

The government sets a fee that emitters must pay for each ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

This was initially proposed by the European Union. A carbon tax is simply putting a fee on the emission of carbon-based fuels. The purpose of a carbon tax is to indicate the true cost of burning carbon. But India has not yet accepted the carbon tax in its true sense due to economic reasons.

Watch this video featuring Aditi Aggarwal, LawWiser, where she explains the concept of the carbon tax and why it is needed. She also takes us through the concept of Carbon tax in India and its related policies.

Stay Tuned for more such legal updates.


Extension for PDP Bill, 2019 & Striking of Notification under Sec 17(4) Land Acquisition by Supreme Court

Tune into this video where LawWiser takes you through new updates on “Extension to Joint Committee on the PDP Bill, 2019, to submit the report” and “Striking of Notification under Sec 17(4) Land Acquisition By Supreme Court”.

Watch Prabhjot Singh briefly explain the update on the joint committee getting an extension until the last week of 2021 of the present session to submit its report on this bill.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court in Hamid Ali Khan & Anr vs State of UP & Ors has held some exceptional circumstances for invoking Sec 17(4) of Land Acquisition Act, 1894.


Indian and UK Science Ministers Meeting

Watch our latest video update on #Indian and #UK Science Ministers meeting.

The Science & Technology Minister of India held an online meeting with the United Kingdom Science Minister.

The meeting was held to discuss the Green Energy collaboration between the two countries among other issues. The Indian Minister called for greater India-UK collaboration in the clean and green energy area.

#Staytuned for more such updates by LawWiser.


Inheritance and Succession Issues Post-Pandemic

Post-pandemic, many struggled with understanding specific concepts relating to inheritance, succession, wills.

Watch Now LawWiser’s latest video on ‘Inheritance & Succession Issues Post-Pandemic’ featuring Vatsala Dhananjay, Founder at Sri Vatsala Dhananjay & Co, in conversation with our host Sania Husaini, where she explains inheritance and succession concepts.

She briefly answers questions about the regulation of temporary wills, estate planning and potential differences between the two. She also highlights how businesses should segregate their assets without the whole process affecting their mode of business?

Vatsala also shares some quick pointers to be kept in mind while making a will.

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