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Contract Law

QuickBytes – Online Contracts

Online contracts are valid and enforceable under domestic laws. Watch this episode featuring Anshul Bazari of #LawWiser, where he quickly explains what is an online contract.

He also explains the general perspective, types of online contract,s and their evidentiary value in a court of law. #StayTuned for more interesting updates!

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Importance of ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) for Companies in India | Full Feature

Organisations are increasingly taking ESG and sustainability-related measures seriously!


To put some more light to it we bring together industry experts, Mahesh Pratap Singh, Head, Sustainability, Flipkart, Nawneet Vibhaw, Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, and Shujath Ali, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd, in a panel discussion.

In this video find insights on –

1. What is ESG?

2. What are the regulations around it?

3. How is ESG going to shape up future of business?

4. What are the challenges and parameters for investing in ESG?

5. Expectations of the investors

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Legal Framework for Economic Offences

Economic offences are on the rise, affecting many industries. A series of such offences/scams can impact the economy of a nation.

We at LawWiser bring together two industry experts, Mr. Vivek Sood, Senior Advocate and Mr. Mohit Bakshi, Partner, J. Sagar Associates, to discuss the legal framework that governs these economic offences.


In this video we explore –

1.) What are economic offences?

2.) The impact and nature of economic offences

3.) Regulations concerning economic offences

4.) Challenges in effective prosecution

5.) Strategies that business enterprises should follow while dealing with economic offences

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#UKUnlock21 – Brexit and the Ease of Doing Business in the UK

Deal or No-deal Brexit?

This question is likely to be answered tomorrow as the UK and EU are expected to announce the particulars of a historic trade deal after negotiations ran late into the night.

At the same time, the British Govt. is trying to secure what is reported to be a £100 billion trade deal with India, which is the 2nd largest FDI contributing country to the UK.

In the concluding session of the LawWiser #UKUnlock21 Dialogue Series, in association with UKIBC and powered by IndusLaw we bring together industry experts, Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President – Legal & General Counsel, Hinduja Group, Meghna Misra-Elder, Associate Director, UKIBC, Vijay Goel, Founder India-EU Business Forum & Chairman, ASSOCHAM UK and Avimukt Dar, Partner, IndusLaw to discuss ‘Brexit and the Ease of Doing Business in the UK’. In this discussion we explore –

1. Shaping of future investments post the Brexit transition in the UK

2. Factors that are like to impact India-UK FTA talks

3. Incentives which the UK is likely to offer to Indian businesses to position itself as a favourable trading partner

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#UKUnlock21 – India as a Trading Partner – Gauging the UK’s Investor Sentiment

The UK and India are set to work on a 10-year roadmap towards growing #bilateral trade & investment. According to media reports, there is a £100 billion trade deal in the pipeline, irrespective of a deal or no-deal #brexit.

British PM Boris Johnson accepted the invitation to meet PM Modi in January. However, international travel restrictions have been temporarily enforced due to the discovery of a new COVID variant in the UK.

As we wait & watch to see how things develop, join us in Panel 2 of the #UKUnlock21 Dialogue Series, hosted by LawWiser, in association with UKIBC and powered by IndusLaw, where we talk about ‘India as a Trading Partner – Gauging the UK’s Investor Sentiment.’

In this discussion, Kevin McCole, Managing Director at UKIBC, Fabrizio Carpanini, Partner at Dorsey & Whitney, and Suneeth Katarki, Partner at IndusLaw share insights on –
1. The main factors that attract UK companies to invest in India
2. Key priorities which need to be addressed to improve trade relations between the two countries
3. The practical and legal barriers which hinder the flow of UK FDI into India and ways to overcome these challenges

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#UKUnlock2021 – The Post-Brexit UK-India Trade & Investment Relationship

UK-EU deal negotiations continue into the weekend as the #Brexit transition period deadline draws closer. How will these developments affect the UK-India trade & investment relationship? What are the challenges & opportunities for collaboration for both countries?

To find out, join us in the LawWiser #UKUnlock21 Dialogue Series, powered by IndusLaw and supported by UK India Business Council.

In Panel 1, we talk to Saloni Tuteja, Director – Legal, South Asia at Zimmer Biomet, Jayant Krishna, Group CEO at UKIBC, and Gaurav Dani, Partner at IndusLaw. Our experts share insights on –

1) How collaboration and investment are shaping up in priority sectors identified in the bilateral trade groups.

2) What are the challenges and how can market access barriers be minimised.

3) How has India’s legal & regulatory framework favourably evolved for FDI over the years.

4) Advice to Life Sciences companies planning to invest in India

5) Impact of Brexit on UK-India bilateral trade and investment relationship

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In Conversation – Advertising with Caution! New Draft guidelines

The central government released new draft guidelines on advertising and endorsement disclosures in September 2020.

The draft guidelines cover all forms, formats, and mediums of advertising and marketing communications — print, TV, and social media. These guidelines also mean a world of change for celebrities who endorse products, including the social media “influencers”.

LawWiser in conversation with Gaurav Dani, Partner, IndusLaw, and Akhil Prasad, Director, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary, Boeing, discuss the new advertising guidelines and the issues around it.

In this video, the experts share their views on:

1.) Brief background of the Consumer Protection Act

2.) What are the key provisions in the Draft Advertising Guidelines?

3.) Drawbacks in the Draft Advertising Guidelines

4.) Impact of Draft Advertising Guidelines on the various sectors

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changing the way of Contracting

Contracts are the lifeblood of the economic system; business transactions cannot be executed without them.

While drafting contracts can be very time consuming for lawyers, technology can come to the rescue!


In conversation with Prashant Srivastava, Vice President/ Head – Legal & Company Secretary, Securitas India, we discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way of contracting.

Augment of Artificial Intelligence

How AI contracting software & tools work?

How is AI helping legal contracts?

How Blockchain smart contracts work?

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In Conversation – The Struggle of Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture (JV) is an arrangement between two or more business entities, often for the purpose of starting a new business activity. The aim is to bring the expertise of the parties involved and contribute to the growth of the business.

Having consensus while starting with a Joint Venture is as crucial even while the project is undertaken. But various factors can contribute to the downturn of any JV and lead to many struggles for its survival. To know the ‘The Struggles of a Joint Venture’ LawWiser brings to you a conversation with Mr Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) and General Counsel, (Global Headquarters, London), Hinduja Group.

He explains what is a Joint Venture, the issues that can arise in a JV, and shares insights on the following-

1) What is the importance of a clearly defined JV agreement?

2) The need to have clarity in minority protection provisions.

3) The clarity in the deadlock resolution mechanism and exit mechanism

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