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Intellectual property rights

Digital Piracy & Dilemma Around the Copyright Act

As per a report by Digital TV Research, the loss of revenue for OTT players on account of piracy in India is expected to hit USD 3.08 billion by 2022, while the cost of global online streaming piracy will reach USD 52 billion by 2022.

Watch this interesting video where team LawWiser takes you through the legal aspects that revolve around #DigitalPiracy and dilemma around the #CopyrightAct.

In this video we discuss –

– What is digital piracy?

– Laws covering digital content owners

– Consumer views on digital piracy

We also talk about a recent cases where, a film starring one of the biggest Bollywood actor faced the consequences of digital piracy and how in another film URI-the surgical strike, the actors and makers came with an innovative method to tackle digital piracy.

Find about many more surprising facts in the video! #watchnow


How is IP making headway in 2022 | #WorldIPDay | Phoenix Legal | LawWiser

#WorldIntellectualPropertyDay2022 is observed on April 26 every year to create awareness about how patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs and geographical indications impact everyone. And also to celebrate innovation and creativity contributed by various creators and innovators.

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day (April 26), #LawWiser brings to you an interesting conversation on ‘How is IP making a headway in 2022?’ with Neha Naik, Associate Partner, Phoenix Legal.

Watch our host Sania Husaini discuss with Neha

⭐️ The recent trends in IP, catching up with new age tech- NFTs, Metaverse and AI

⭐️ Are IP laws in India ready to embrace the new age techs?

⭐️ What are the developments in IP on the non-digital space?

For all and this much more watch the full feature on LawWiser now!

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In Conversation – COVID Vaccine and Issue of Licensing

Today our country is facing challenges for availability and accessibility of the Covid vaccine. Since the Covid vaccine has been developed many are advocating for easing of #IP rights to overcome these challenges. In this video, Lawwiser discusses Covid Vaccine and the Issue of Compulsory Licensing with Rajeshwari Hariharan, Managing Partner, Rajeshwari, and Associate.

She explains what is compulsory licensing, the process, and whether competition law can be availed for its issuance during prevailing circumstances.

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