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All about NFTs & Art | Universal Legal | LawWiser

Know all the Jazz about NFT and Art in #LawWiser‘s fireside chat. Watch the full feature on All about NFTs and Art with with renowned artist and sculptor @Arzan Khambatta and @Anuradha Chowdhary, Tech Lawyer, @Universal Legal.

Anuradha very succinctly explains what NFT means and Arzan takes us through how he took the chance to explore minting his artwork in NFT. They also touch upon the other significant trend about Metaverse. Together they explore:

⚡ rights and aspects that artists should be mindful of while going for NFTs

⚡ top 3 things an artist looking to venture into the digital world should consider?

⚡ what is Metaverse

⚡ How would NFTs work in the Metaverse?

Know about all the above and much more on #LawWiser

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Data Protection Bill 2021 – Key Takeaways

The Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP Bill) was first introduced in 2019, has seen a lot of hype since its introduction.

It is one of the most needed laws in India. However, two years later on 16 Dec 2021, the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) has given its recommendations to both houses of parliament.

As the Data Privacy week comes to end we present to you our latest video on Data Protection Bill, 2021- Key takeaways where Avani Shukla from LawWiser helps us understand some of the key recommendations and changes suggested in the JPC Report.

#DataProtection #DataProtectionBill2021 #PersonalDataProtectionBill2019 #DataSafety #DataPrivacy #DataPrivacyWeek #DataSafety Data Protection Bill 2021- Key takeaways The Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP Bill) was first introduced in 2019, has seen a lot of hype since its introduction. It is one of the most needed laws in India.

However, two years later on 16 Dec, 2021, the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) has given its recommendations to both houses of parliament. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is now renamed as Personal Data Protection Bill, 2021.

So, Let us understand what are some of the key recommendations and changes suggested in the JPC Report –

– Recommendation to include non-personal data within the ambit of the PDP Bill. This was done to protect data privacy in a better way and to avoid difficulty so that a single regulator can oversee all kinds of data.

– Recommendation to designate all the social media platforms, which do not act as intermediaries as ‘Publishers of content’. This will further allow them to select the receiver of the content and give access to any content posted on any social media platform.

– Recommendation for data localisation. This was recommended with the aim that the Central Government should ensure the protection of data associated with the citizens of the country and it should not permit the data of its citizens to be governed by other countries. It also recommended that such data should be mandatorily restored in India from foreign entities for the purpose of national security.

– Recommendation to include a 72-hour reporting period for any kind of data breaches under Clause 25(3). It has also recommended a homegrown alternative to the SWIFT payment system to boost the domestic economy and ensure privacy.

– Recommendation to implement the act within a time period of approx 24 months.

The duration is provided for the data processors and data fiduciaries to get sufficient time to adapt and change their policies and for proper implementation of the recommendations provided in the bill.


Overview of Fantasy Sports in India – Part 2

When we talk about Online Gaming, one of the most prominent questions which arise is the legality surrounding it.

Watch, Overview of Fantasy Sports (Part II) where Gaurav Bhalla, Senior Associate at Ahlawat & Associates helps us understand –

– Game of Skill & Game of Chance

– Judicial Pronouncements on the legality of Fantasy Sports in India

– Recent developments in Fantasy Sports

– Overall Analysis of the fantasy sports

Tune in to understand different aspects surrounding fantasy sports in the country.


Ban Vs. Regulation Regarding Online Gaming in India

There’s always a debate around Ban vs Regulation surrounding Online Gaming in India. Watch, ‘Ban vs Regulation regarding Online Gaming in India’ where Ankur Singh, Founder & CEO at Witzeal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps us understand –

– Overall Industry view of online gaming in India

– Regulatory perspective surrounding ban vs regulation

He also talked about recent judgments and how does the establishment of regulations would keep a check on responsible gaming. Tune in to understand more about how India has the potential of becoming an online skill gaming power through proper regulations.


Overview Of Fantasy Sports In India – Part 1

Online Fantasy Sports are skill-based digital sports. These are engagement platforms where participants create their own virtual teams made up of real-life players of a professional sport.

The participants earn points based on real-life statistics of players which further get converted into fantasy points. To understand it better, we present to you LawWiser’s video on, ‘Overview of Fantasy Sports Part-I.’

Watch, Gaurav Bhalla, Senior Associate at Ahlawat & Associates, help us understand-

– Meaning of Online Fantasy Sports

– Growth and Potential of Online Fantasy sports in India

– Top Fantasy Sports platform in India

– Statues and Regulatory bodies governing fantasy sports.

Stay tuned for the second part to be released tomorrow!


Rolling dices of Gaming Industry: The Gamble of Game of Skills vs Game of Chance

Whether gambling is a vice or virtue, has always been a debatable topic. And today the trending debate in gaming revolves around Game of Skill vs Game of Chance.

To understand the complexity surrounding this issue, we present to you our explainer, “Rolling dices of the Gaming industry in India- Game of Skills vs Game of Chance”.

Watch, Srinivas Kotni, Founder and Managing Director, Lexport, help us understand,

🎮 the origin of gaming laws in India,

🎮 changes in laws with different judicial interpretations, and

🎮 also the debate surrounding game of skill vs game of chance.

Watch this and get more details around this debate in this interesting video. #GamingCommunity #GamingIndustry #GameofChance #GameofSkill #Esports #OnlineGaming #FantasySports


Betting Surrounding E-sports

We are delighted to share our Second Panel discussion part of the series #GamingForNextGen on ‘Betting surrounding E-Sports.’

Our eminent panelist includes-

– Anton Rublievskyi – CEO at Parimatch International

– Vidushpat Singhania – Managing Partner, Krida Legal

– Stepan Shulga – Head of E-Sports at Parimatch

Watch this intriguing discussion where our panellists cover different aspects of E-Sports such as –

– what is E-Sports and the rise of betting in E-sports globally

– laws governing E-Sports betting – current trends in e-sports globally, growth drivers, and

– global challenges associated with it

So, get to learn more about the growing market of E-sports and the trends surrounding it. Also, a big thank you to the All India Gaming Federation for all their support for this series!


Addressing India’s Data Localization Issues to bring it at par with Global Companies

Watch Ashish Chandra, Senior Legal Leader, Former Associate GC- WhatsApp on the data localization issues that need to be addressed to bring Indian companies at par with global companies.

He talks about the localization issues, ways to implement them, and dependability on the government about the same.

He explains that there are three types of data localization which are:- – Soft data localization – Hard data localization – Hybrid model

He believes that a mix of soft data localization and hybrid model can be used, and the government should look through it.

Watch more videos on UKUnlockSeries

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The Evolving Landscape and Growth of Online Gaming in India

We are very delighted to share our first panel-discussion on, ‘The evolving landscape and growth of online gaming in India’.

Our eminent panelist includes-

– Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation

– Dinker Vashisht, Vice president: Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Games24x7

– Pariekshit Maadishetti, Managing Director, Gridlogic

– Ranjana Adhikari, Media, Entertainment & Gaming with the TMT Practice group, IndusLaw

– Charmaine Hogan, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Playtech

Watch this intriguing discussion covering different aspects of online gaming –

– the current scenario of the gaming industry in India with recent amendments and key regulatory decisions,

– challenges associated with current gaming policies, and

– current global trends associated with fantasy gaming.

Also, dive into the world of online gaming and learn much more about the evolving landscape and the growth surrounding it.


Government Gets Request For Online Gaming Norms

Tune into the latest video where #LawWiser takes you through the update “Government Gets Request For Online Gaming Norms”.

And answer the interesting question we have shared related to update In this video Prabhjot Singh shares the update on Government getting requests for the online gaming norms.

Some renowned gaming companies like Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League have written to the Union Minister Of Electronics and Information Technology, to include the “age-restricted content” and set the standards similar to Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

The people unaware of ESRB, it’s a self-regulatory organization responsible for assigning the age and content ratings to consumer video games in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

In the end, Prabhjot has also shared an exciting question related to the update.

Watch the full video and do answer the question in the comment section below.

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