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Addressing India’s Data Localization Issues to bring it at par with Global Companies

Watch Ashish Chandra, Senior Legal Leader, Former Associate GC- WhatsApp on the data localization issues that need to be addressed to bring Indian companies at par with global companies.

He talks about the localization issues, ways to implement them, and dependability on the government about the same.

He explains that there are three types of data localization which are:- – Soft data localization – Hard data localization – Hybrid model

He believes that a mix of soft data localization and hybrid model can be used, and the government should look through it.

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The Evolving Landscape and Growth of Online Gaming in India

We are very delighted to share our first panel-discussion on, ‘The evolving landscape and growth of online gaming in India’.

Our eminent panelist includes-

– Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation

– Dinker Vashisht, Vice president: Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Games24x7

– Pariekshit Maadishetti, Managing Director, Gridlogic

– Ranjana Adhikari, Media, Entertainment & Gaming with the TMT Practice group, IndusLaw

– Charmaine Hogan, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Playtech

Watch this intriguing discussion covering different aspects of online gaming –

– the current scenario of the gaming industry in India with recent amendments and key regulatory decisions,

– challenges associated with current gaming policies, and

– current global trends associated with fantasy gaming.

Also, dive into the world of online gaming and learn much more about the evolving landscape and the growth surrounding it.


RERA – Work in Progress

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, RERA, was a paradigm shift for the real estate sector in India.

Watch now LawWiser’s latest video on the topic ‘RERA: Work in progress’, featuring Akhilesh Kumar – General Counsel at SGS Group in conversation with our host Avani Shukla. Watch Akhilesh share insights on the success of the Act, how it has it been an effective grievance redressal mechanism in the country. He also, shares what are the reforms that are required to stop the non-compliance issues relating to the Act.

He has further highlighted why the States have taken time to implement it. On this he shares, “it was the process of setting and the mechanism to deal with the consequences of the implementation of the Act, which took time to enact the Law”.


Potential Issues with respect to Trade Barriers that need to be Addressed in the Upcoming FTA Talks

Watch Phillip D’ Costa, Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution & Co-Head India Group, Penningtons Manches Cooper, highlight the potential issues concerning trade barriers that need to be addressed in the upcoming FTA talks between UK-India.

He shares that the FTA talks could be a win-win situation for both economies. He talks about focusing on 3 T’s – tariffs, technology, and talent. He also explains how reducing tariffs, increasing technology, and exchange of talent can help in getting more trade flow between the two countries.

And create more industries that will help in achieving make-in-India goals, establish India as a manufacturing base.


The ADR Game-Changers – Arbitration & Mediation | #FiresideChat

Arbitration has found strong ground in India; however, Mediation is still finding its foothold.

#WatchNow LawWiser’s latest video on ‘The ADR game-changers- Arbitration & Mediation’ featuring Dr. Akhil Prasad, Director, Country Counsel, India, and Company Secretary at Boeing in a fireside chat with Gourab Banerjie, Senior Advocate.

In this super interesting conversation, they discuss important aspects related to the Arbitration and Mediation in India.

Watch them taking us through the current scenario in International Arbitration.

And navigating through the need for the new proposed law of Mediation in the country.

Also, what is the the benefit that mediation brings to the table.

Watch the full video here – www.lawwiser.com


What is expected in the next GST council meeting?

#Tune into today’s update on “What is expected in the next meeting of GST Council?”

Watch Aditi sharing the quick update on how the centre is expecting to rationalize the GST rates and a correction of the inverted duty structure.

The Council has already approved it in many sectors, including textiles and footwear, which will be implemented from January 1, 2022.

The recommendations of GoM’s report are expected to be finalized before the expected meeting of the GST council in January 2022.


Taxation Issues that are barriers to free trade between UK-India

Watch Shashi Mathews, Partner, IndusLaw, highlights taxation issues that are barriers to free trade for UK and India.

He helps us understand why removing high tax barriers would enable the Indian economy to be self-reliant by providing different statistics about tariffs on goods and products.

He further emphasizes that the crucial aspect for both the countries is to find goods which UK-India can complimentarily reduce tariff, on that would further provide for a better market.

Watch our full panel discussion on ‘Exploring Post-Brexit Business opportunities for UK-India’


Impact of Early Harvest Trade Deals and FTA’s on UK-India Trade Regimes

Watch Amarjit Singh, CEO, India Business Group (IBG) (London), talk about how the Early Harvest Trade deals and the FTAs will help in strengthening the trade regimes between UK-India.

He helps us understand how it helps in strengthening of bilateral relations and economic growth for both the countries. He further talks about the importance of UK- India 2030 Roadmap. Watch our full panel discussion on ‘Exploring Post-Brexit Business opportunities for UK-India’


Cryptocurrency Advertisement Guidelines to Undergo Changes

Tune into this video where LawWiser takes you through the latest update on “Cryptocurrency Advertisement Guidelines to Undergo Changes”.

Watch Prabhjot Singh sharing the update on how with recommendations from the Advertising Standards Council of India the Government is looking to revise the advertisements guidelines for Cryptocurrency.


Carbon Tax in India

The government sets a fee that emitters must pay for each ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

This was initially proposed by the European Union. A carbon tax is simply putting a fee on the emission of carbon-based fuels. The purpose of a carbon tax is to indicate the true cost of burning carbon. But India has not yet accepted the carbon tax in its true sense due to economic reasons.

Watch this video featuring Aditi Aggarwal, LawWiser, where she explains the concept of the carbon tax and why it is needed. She also takes us through the concept of Carbon tax in India and its related policies.

Stay Tuned for more such legal updates.

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