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How To Think Future – Steering Through Fundraising in the EV (Electric Vehicle) Sector

India has seen a proliferation of startups in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space in the past few years on the back of the government’s vision for 2030, improving charging infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions apart from increased investor’s’ interest.

LawWiser brings discussion on “Steering through Fundraising in the EV Sector” with Pawan Singhal (Chief Legal Officer, Ather Energy) and Kartik Ganapathy (Partner, Indus Law) part of the HOW TO THINK FUTURE Series.

Our panelists emphasize on the following points-

  • How crucial is Fundraising for the EV sector?
  • Focus on EV sector in Government Vision 2030
  • What are the challenges faced by the EV sector?
  • What opportunities are there for the Investors?
  • Documents: Promoters and Investors need to guard while fundraising?

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Know Your Law – Dodging The COVID Crisis In Sports Law

Even though the word pandemic and Lockdown has become mundane, because of its consistent use, but what we cannot ignore is the impact it has had on several sectors and industries.

Sports industry is one such sector that has also been on the receiving end of the Lockdown.

LawWiser brings you insights from the experts:

1. Jahnavi Upadhyay – Partner North India – Legal, Decathlon

2. Vinay Joy – Partner, Khaitan & Co.

3. Sania Husaini – Consulting Editor, LawWiser

In our Know Your Law Series.

In this conversation, you will get to know about Sports Law and how it has been dodging the COVID crisis.

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