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The Great Legal Minds Show – Sanjeev Gemawat

We are today shifting from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. Hence, a self-governance mechanism should be created with the concepts of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance)

We are delighted to share the much-awaited episode of The Great Legal Minds Show with Sanjeev Gemawat and Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser. He is Group General Counsel at Vedanta group and our advisory board member.

He talks about ESG as a global agenda with an emphasis on the governance part of it.

He also takes us through –

– Role of General Counsels in ESG

– Role of the legal side in the environmental and social aspect of ESG

– Role of ESG rating providers

– Bodies governing ESG on the global level and in the country

Stay tuned till the end as he talks also about – The General Counsels’ Association of India and how general counsels are strategisers, enablers and protectors of businesses.

Watch now to learn more.


The Great Legal Minds Show – Vivek Sood

We are excited to share a super engaging new episode of The Great Legal Minds Show with Mr. Vivek Sood, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Aman Abbas, Founder & CEO, LawWiser.

Our host Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser in conversation with Mr Vivek Sood, helps us understand the journey of a lawyer specialising in Criminal and Corporate law, the initial struggle and the upward journey.

#WatchNow to hear Mr Vivek Sood talk about –

– His passion for writing and discussing the subjects like privacy, Arbitration that he has covered in detail in his books

– Critical aspects of privacy law

– The recent regulatory landscape of white-collar crime and arbitration in India

– And shares insights about his upcoming book To

Watch all this and to understand more about the journey of a Senior Advocate watch this episode now!


The Great Legal Minds Show | Geeta Luthra | LawWiser

Welcome to a very special episode of The Great Legal Minds Show with Ms. Geeta Luthra, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Advisory Board Member, LawWiser.

Through this conversation our host Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser helps us understand what’s a day like in the life one of the most respected and recognised Senior Counsels in the country.

This interview covers different aspects of Ms Geeta Luthra’s professional life including:

– The kind of matters she handles.

– Her take on criminal matters and the most interesting and challenging cases of her career.

– Her experience with gender-based crimes and laws that support women. We explore if these laws are sufficient.

– Her opinion on frequent misuse of these laws which isn’t spoken about much.

We also talk to her about her personal experiences and preferences.

Watch till the end to know how dinner table conversations between a family of lawyers usually are 🙂


The Great Legal Minds Show – C.V. Raghu

Knowledge gives you confidence, confidence gives you leadership!

We are delighted to share this engaging conversation with Raghu C.V, Group General Counsel, Samvardhana Motherson Group and Aman Abbas, Founder & CEO, LawWiser.

He talks about a wide range of topics –

1. How the legal profession turned out to be his real calling and how things have changed in the profession over time.

2. How traveling extensively across the country helped him gain experience of the different courts, legal systems and cultures.

3. How traveling across the globe taught him about the profession and what were some important learnings.

4. What challenges he faced in the fast-changing policy and regulatory landscape of the country and why the involvement of General Counsels, company secretaries etc. is important while forming regulations.

5. Why recognition of the in-house legal profession is essential and what’s the vision and mission of the General Counsels’ Association of India.

For all the law students, we also have expert advice at the end of the video to clear confusion about whether to pursue litigation, join a law firm or apply for in-house roles. Watch Now to learn more!


The great legal minds show – Akhil Prasad

We are excited to share the super inspirational and engaging conversation between Dr. Akhil Prasad, Director, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary at Boeing and Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser.

#WatchNow to hear Dr. Akhil Prasad talk about –

– The evolving role of General Counsels and role of the General Counsels’ Association of India (GCAI)

– How to have a proper workplace mindset?

– Benefits of having General Counsels on Board or part of the Senior Management Teams

– His childhood and journey of becoming a General Counsel

– Importance of Time management and why one should never give up on their dreams

This conversation will inspire you to achieve your dreams and teach you lessons in humility as well.


The Great Legal Minds Show | Hiroo Advani | LawWiser | Hosted by Aman Abbas

We are excited to share the super interesting conversation between @Hiroo Advani, Founder & Chairman, Advani Law and @Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser.

#WatchNow to hear Mr.Hiroo Advani talk about-

– How he started his firm and his arbitration journey

– Role of third-party funding in arbitration

– Conditional fee arrangement

– Role of electronic discovery in Litigation

He also talks about the Business of Law and what will define the success of law firms in India.

#GetInspired and stay with us till the end, as he shares a special message for the law students and lawyers out there!

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Role of In-House Counsel – Adapting to different Jurisdictions |Saloni Tuteja

Lawyers are always learning and adapting to new laws. Over time depending on opportunities, they also adapt to different roles from law firm professional to independent to in-house counsel.

The role of an #inhouse counsel as we know is diverse and they work with a variety of laws depending on the business they support. At times working with their counterparts in different jurisdictions. This may be an advantage when they switch working to another jurisdiction. However, it may come with certain challenges, and it is always helpful to hear from someone who has the experience of working in different jurisdictions.

Watch this super engaging #LawWiser video with Saloni Tuteja, Regional Legal and Business Conduct Counsel, Middle East, Gilead Sciences, hosted by our consulting editor @Sania Husaini video on the Role of an In-House Counsel: Adapting to different jurisdictions.

We understand the journey of such transitions and hope many legal professionals can take cues for considering such transitions when an opportunity arises.

Tune in now and watch Saloni sharing
 the myths around changing jurisdictions
 Can Indian Lawyers take the opportunity to work in another jurisdiction?
 challenges that are faced in transitioning or adapting to practices of different jurisdictions
 how to be better prepared for such opportunities

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#Budget2022 -23 – Key Takeaways |Budget 2022 highlights

Tune into #Lawwiser quick update on “BUDGET 2022-23-Key Highlights” Watch this update and, stay tuned till the end as we ask an interesting question related to it.

The finance minister, Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, has announced the Budget 2022.

Some significant changes are:-

MSME and startups –

  • For the MSME sector, Rs 6,000 crore programme to rate MSMEs will be rolled out over the next five years
  • For MSMEs portals such as Udyam, e-shram, NCS & Aseem will be inter-linked, and their scope will be widened Electrical Vehicles

Electrical Vehicles

  • Battery swapping policy to allow EV charging stations for automobiles will be framed


  • In the defence sector, the govt is committed to reducing imports and promoting self-reliance in the defence sector
  • Defense R&D will be opened up for industry, startups and academia with 25% of the defence R&D budget.

Finance & inclusion

  • As per Finance and Inclusion, some major initiatives taken by the government are
  • To introduce Digital Rupee by RBI using blockchain technology, starting 2022-23
  • Losses from the sale of virtual digital assets cannot be offset against other income
  • IBC amendments to enhance the efficiency of the resolution process
  • Facilitate cross-border insolvency resolution Healthcare

An open platform for the national digital health ecosystem will be rolled out.

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Successful Bidder Cannot Wriggle out of a Bid in Liquidation | #InAMinute 

Watch Now LawWiser’s latest In a Minute video on ‘Successful Bidder cannot wriggle out of a bid in liquidation’ featuring Neha Naik, Associate Partner, Phoenix Legal.

There is a growing trend of successful bidders in insolvency as well as liquidation proceedings wanting to retract their offers citing various reasons.

In this video, Neha explains that the Bidder cannot wriggle out of the contractual obligations arising out of acceptance of his Bid for sale as a going concern in liquidation. She quickly takes us through 2 important decisions one by the Supreme Court of India and the other by the National Company Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT).

The decisions are related to the fact that after accepting the bid, the bidder will not be entitled to the withdrawal if they fail to comply with the terms of the contract and consequently the bidder cannot wriggle out of the contractual obligations.

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PLI Scheme to Benefit Pharmaceutical Sector

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has announced that 55 pharmaceutical companies are likely to get benefitted from the Production-Linked Incentive scheme for pharmaceuticals which is part of the government’s flagship Atmanirbhar Bharat Plan. This scheme will help in enhancing India’s manufacturing capabilities and exports in ten sectors.

The financial outlay for this Production- Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme is Rs 15,000 crore. This PLI scheme aims to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities and also exports in ten different sectors which were approved by the Union Cabinet.

The Cabinet approved this scheme on February 24, 2021. The operational guidelines inviting applications for the pharmaceutical industries were issued on June 1, 2021. They were issued by the Department of Pharmaceuticals after consulting thoroughly with related departments, industries, and NITI Aayog. A total of 278 applications were received by 31st August on the scheme out of which 55 applicants got selected.

Watch Avani Shukla from LawWiser helps us understand different aspects related to it such as –

1. Aim of the PLI scheme

2. Invitation of applications for the PLI scheme and different categories associated with it

3. How is it going to benefit the pharma sector?

Tune into the video to learn and understand more about the scheme.

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