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PLI Scheme to Benefit Pharmaceutical Sector

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has announced that 55 pharmaceutical companies are likely to get benefitted from the Production-Linked Incentive scheme for pharmaceuticals which is part of the government’s flagship Atmanirbhar Bharat Plan. This scheme will help in enhancing India’s manufacturing capabilities and exports in ten sectors.

The financial outlay for this Production- Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme is Rs 15,000 crore. This PLI scheme aims to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities and also exports in ten different sectors which were approved by the Union Cabinet.

The Cabinet approved this scheme on February 24, 2021. The operational guidelines inviting applications for the pharmaceutical industries were issued on June 1, 2021. They were issued by the Department of Pharmaceuticals after consulting thoroughly with related departments, industries, and NITI Aayog. A total of 278 applications were received by 31st August on the scheme out of which 55 applicants got selected.

Watch Avani Shukla from LawWiser helps us understand different aspects related to it such as –

1. Aim of the PLI scheme

2. Invitation of applications for the PLI scheme and different categories associated with it

3. How is it going to benefit the pharma sector?

Tune into the video to learn and understand more about the scheme.


UK-India Roadmap 2030 – Developments towards Early Harvest Deal & FTA negotiations

Watch Kevin McCole, Managing Director, UK India Business Council in this video, where he helps us understand the key developments that have taken place towards the Early Harvest Trade deals and FTA Negotiations.

He also talks about the strategic partnership between both the countries and termed it as one of the most encouraging times for the UK-India relationship. He further talks about the UK- India 2030 roadmap and its five important themes- climate change, healthcare, defense & security, trade & investment and people to people link.


India-UK Data Adequacy Agreement – Cross-border Data Transfer

Watch Avimukt Dar, Founding Partner, IndusLaw explaining how the signing of the India-UK Data Adequacy Agreement facilitates cross-border data transfer.

He believes that India’s efforts in data protection laws, data protection authority, and many terminologies in the PDP Bill were based on aligning data privacy with the European Union GDPR.

He also explains that the European Union would view further negotiation with the UK very carefully due to the difficulty of data flow between them.

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UK-India FTA Talks – Opportunity for shaping Data & Digital Rules for both Countries

Watch Paul Baker, Founder & CEO, International Economics Consulting Ltd, discuss how FTA talks will shape both countries’ global data and digital rules.

He explains that USA’s approach is more commercial oriented and further talks about digital trade focused restrictions in China’s approach and how they have a very strong data localization requirements.

He believes that India is in a very strong position to shape the rules at the continental level

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Addressing India’s Data Localization Issues to bring it at par with Global Companies

Watch Ashish Chandra, Senior Legal Leader, Former Associate GC- WhatsApp on the data localization issues that need to be addressed to bring Indian companies at par with global companies.

He talks about the localization issues, ways to implement them, and dependability on the government about the same.

He explains that there are three types of data localization which are:- – Soft data localization – Hard data localization – Hybrid model

He believes that a mix of soft data localization and hybrid model can be used, and the government should look through it.

Watch more videos on UKUnlockSeries

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Potential Issues with respect to Trade Barriers that need to be Addressed in the Upcoming FTA Talks

Watch Phillip D’ Costa, Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution & Co-Head India Group, Penningtons Manches Cooper, highlight the potential issues concerning trade barriers that need to be addressed in the upcoming FTA talks between UK-India.

He shares that the FTA talks could be a win-win situation for both economies. He talks about focusing on 3 T’s – tariffs, technology, and talent. He also explains how reducing tariffs, increasing technology, and exchange of talent can help in getting more trade flow between the two countries.

And create more industries that will help in achieving make-in-India goals, establish India as a manufacturing base.


Taxation Issues that are barriers to free trade between UK-India

Watch Shashi Mathews, Partner, IndusLaw, highlights taxation issues that are barriers to free trade for UK and India.

He helps us understand why removing high tax barriers would enable the Indian economy to be self-reliant by providing different statistics about tariffs on goods and products.

He further emphasizes that the crucial aspect for both the countries is to find goods which UK-India can complimentarily reduce tariff, on that would further provide for a better market.

Watch our full panel discussion on ‘Exploring Post-Brexit Business opportunities for UK-India’


Impact of Early Harvest Trade Deals and FTA’s on UK-India Trade Regimes

Watch Amarjit Singh, CEO, India Business Group (IBG) (London), talk about how the Early Harvest Trade deals and the FTAs will help in strengthening the trade regimes between UK-India.

He helps us understand how it helps in strengthening of bilateral relations and economic growth for both the countries. He further talks about the importance of UK- India 2030 Roadmap. Watch our full panel discussion on ‘Exploring Post-Brexit Business opportunities for UK-India’


UK-India Focus: Digital Trade | #UKUnlock22 | Panel – 2

We are super excited to share #LawWiser’s #UKUnlock22 Series latest video focusing on ‘UK- India Focus: Digital Trade’ powered by IndusLaw.

Watch our eminent expert panellists discuss various aspects and developments on digital trade between UK- India.

Our panellists:

Paul Baker, Founder & CEO, International Economics Consulting Ltd.

Ashish Chandra, Sr Legal Leader, Former Associate GC- WhatsApp

Avimukt Dar, Founding Partner, IndusLaw

discuss the following

– The data localization issues that need to be addressed to bring Indian companies at par with global companies

– Highlighting the importance of aspects that range from cross-border data flows, development, and adoption of innovative digital trading systems to establishing global cooperation on digital trade

– How does the signing of the India-UK Data Adequacy Agreement facilitate cross-border data transfer?

– How does FTA talks will shape global data and digital rules for both countries?

– How should Protectionism be addressed keeping in view that there needs to be a steady pace for digitization for growth of trade and services

Watch all this and much more! #TuneinNow. Visit LawWiser.com for more content


Key Changes in PPI Master Directions

Watch now LawWiser’s In a Minute video where Sriram Ramachandran, Partner, Phoenix Legal, takes us through Key Changes in PPI Master Directions.

The RBI in August 2021 issued master directions on Prepaid Instruments superseding the existing regulations issued in 2017.

Sriram takes us through the key changes that the RBI has introduced in the PPI master directions in respect of categorization and authentication. He further helps us understand the number of safety and security measures that have been incorporated and how these changes will transact more seamlessly for the end-users.

Watch this video and learn more about it #InAMinute


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