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Innovation & Disruption

The Evolving Legal Tech Landscape In Nepal – Innovation & Disruption

As the current lockdown situation restricts the movement for all, technology has become a crucial element in life. Like most businesses, law firms have also had to rely on technology more than ever to comply with work from home environment. The legal tech has made the work and communication between the employees more efficient and simpler in these difficult times. Lets see how the legal tech landscape in nepal has evolved.

LawWiser in a conversation with Kailash Panday, founder, Lex Advise (Nepal) discuss ‘the evolving legal tech landscape in Nepal’. He answers the pertaining issues on legal tech and shares insights on-

1) How law firms in Nepal are adopting legal tech?

2) What are the challenges faced in the marketing and adoption of legal technology in Nepal?

3) What is the difference between legal tech and knowledge sharing products?

4) As legal Tech is at a nascent stage how do we see the growth ahead in the Nepal Market?

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Innovation in Legal tech in Asia 2021 (Innovation & Disruption)

As hearings and trials now take place on video conferencing and the whole world is running on digital, the law firms working remotely have adopted Legal Tech (legal Technology) to align their processes.

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LawWiser brings you a Conversation

  1. Zolzaya Mundur, CEO, CodeLex Legaltech (Mongolia)
  2. June Low Founder, EasyLaw (Malaysia)
  3. Aditya Mehra,  Founder, Instadraft (India)
  4. Avimukt Dar, Partner, IndusLaw (India)

In our Innovation & Disruption Series

In this video, you will understand the Innovation in Legal Tech in Asia

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