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Digital Piracy & Dilemma Around the Copyright Act

As per a report by Digital TV Research, the loss of revenue for OTT players on account of piracy in India is expected to hit USD 3.08 billion by 2022, while the cost of global online streaming piracy will reach USD 52 billion by 2022.

Watch this interesting video where team LawWiser takes you through the legal aspects that revolve around #DigitalPiracy and dilemma around the #CopyrightAct.

In this video we discuss –

– What is digital piracy?

– Laws covering digital content owners

– Consumer views on digital piracy

We also talk about a recent cases where, a film starring one of the biggest Bollywood actor faced the consequences of digital piracy and how in another film URI-the surgical strike, the actors and makers came with an innovative method to tackle digital piracy.

Find about many more surprising facts in the video! #watchnow


How is IP making headway in 2022 | #WorldIPDay | Phoenix Legal | LawWiser

#WorldIntellectualPropertyDay2022 is observed on April 26 every year to create awareness about how patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs and geographical indications impact everyone. And also to celebrate innovation and creativity contributed by various creators and innovators.

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day (April 26), #LawWiser brings to you an interesting conversation on ‘How is IP making a headway in 2022?’ with Neha Naik, Associate Partner, Phoenix Legal.

Watch our host Sania Husaini discuss with Neha

⭐️ The recent trends in IP, catching up with new age tech- NFTs, Metaverse and AI

⭐️ Are IP laws in India ready to embrace the new age techs?

⭐️ What are the developments in IP on the non-digital space?

For all and this much more watch the full feature on LawWiser now!

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All about NFTs & Art | Universal Legal | LawWiser

Know all the Jazz about NFT and Art in #LawWiser‘s fireside chat. Watch the full feature on All about NFTs and Art with with renowned artist and sculptor @Arzan Khambatta and @Anuradha Chowdhary, Tech Lawyer, @Universal Legal.

Anuradha very succinctly explains what NFT means and Arzan takes us through how he took the chance to explore minting his artwork in NFT. They also touch upon the other significant trend about Metaverse. Together they explore:

⚡ rights and aspects that artists should be mindful of while going for NFTs

⚡ top 3 things an artist looking to venture into the digital world should consider?

⚡ what is Metaverse

⚡ How would NFTs work in the Metaverse?

Know about all the above and much more on #LawWiser

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Role of In-House Counsel – Adapting to different Jurisdictions |Saloni Tuteja

Lawyers are always learning and adapting to new laws. Over time depending on opportunities, they also adapt to different roles from law firm professional to independent to in-house counsel.

The role of an #inhouse counsel as we know is diverse and they work with a variety of laws depending on the business they support. At times working with their counterparts in different jurisdictions. This may be an advantage when they switch working to another jurisdiction. However, it may come with certain challenges, and it is always helpful to hear from someone who has the experience of working in different jurisdictions.

Watch this super engaging #LawWiser video with Saloni Tuteja, Regional Legal and Business Conduct Counsel, Middle East, Gilead Sciences, hosted by our consulting editor @Sania Husaini video on the Role of an In-House Counsel: Adapting to different jurisdictions.

We understand the journey of such transitions and hope many legal professionals can take cues for considering such transitions when an opportunity arises.

Tune in now and watch Saloni sharing
 the myths around changing jurisdictions
 Can Indian Lawyers take the opportunity to work in another jurisdiction?
 challenges that are faced in transitioning or adapting to practices of different jurisdictions
 how to be better prepared for such opportunities

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MSME Registration Benefits- Sheena Ogra

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (“MSMEs”) form the foundation of India’s economy and are integral for the growth of employment, entrepreneurship and production in India. The functioning of the MSMEs in India is under the control of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Watch Now #LawWiser’s explainer on “Benefits of MSME Registration Part 1” featuring Sheena Ogra, Partner, Ahlawat and Associates sharing useful insights on MSME registration and its benefits.

These are some of the MSME Registration Benefits that Sheena takes us through.

>Collateral Free Bank Loans

The Ministry, Government of India and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) have jointly established a Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE/Trust). 

>Subsidy on Patent and Trademark Registration

A subsidy of 50% (fifty per cent) on the cost of filing is given to the enterprise which is registered under the MSME Act.

>Tender preference to MSMEs

The MSMEs can get tender preferences as a result of the policies which have been notified under the MSME Act, allowing them benefits such as exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposits under the tenders floated by the central ministry, department or public sector unit.

>ISO Certification Charges Reimbursement

The MSMEs can avail financial and monetary incentives in the form of reimbursement of the expenses incurred in obtaining certain ISO certifications such as ISO-9000 (which prescribes

>Protection against Delayed Payments

The MSME Act provides for the resolution of disputes in case of delayed payments made to MSME’s through the Micro and Small Enterprise Facilitation Council (“Council”), which is established by each State Government. 

The government has also targeted additional MSME registration benefits such as:-

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a special scheme, i.e., the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (“ECLG Scheme”) was launched by the Government of India which provides for 100% guarantee coverage to banks and NBFCs to enable them to extend emergency credit facilities to MSMEs to meet their additional term loan and/or additional working capital requirements. 

Sheena also takes us through other details, tune in to watch the full video!

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