LawWiser | #WILDialogs | Panel 2
This women's history month, we talk to our illustrious speakers about gender diversity and inclusion in the profession of law. On Panel 2 of LawWiser #WILDialogs, we have with us our incredible hosts, Revathy and Sushmita, both partners at Induslaw. Tune in for this engaging
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LawWiser | #WILDialogs - Panel 1 | Full Feature
It’s Women’s Day as well as Women’s History Month! To celebrate that, we are delighted to release the video from Panel 1 of our video series LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. Our speakers include Senior Advocate, Geeta Luthra; Executive Director & General Counsel at Maruti
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LawWiser | The Great Legal Minds Show | Anand Desai
Discover the untold stories about Mr. Anand Desai, Managing Partner, DSK Legal, as he takes us through his awe-inspiring journey. Tune in as he tells us about his mother who was an Arjuna awardee sportswoman; and how being a national level swimming, golf, and table-tennis
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LawWiser | The Right to Healthcare in India | Explainer
The budget this year comes during the ongoing corona crisis; making healthcare one of the most important allocations in the budget. Thus, it’s by no measure surprising that its figured foremost in the budget presented by #FinMin. While its effectiveness is yet to be evaluated,
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