LawWiser | Role of Competition Law in Sports | #QuickBytes
Tune into this video where LawWiser takes you through the role of Competition Law in sports. Avani Shukla briefly explains the role of CCI to keep a watch on the anti-competitive practices and takes you through landmark cases to understand how with proper policy and
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Enforcing Maritime Claims - Decoding Admiralty Jurisdiction | LawWiser | Gautam Bhatikar, Partner, Phoenix Legal | #InConversation
Watch Gautam Bhatikar, Partner, Phoenix Legal answer questions that you always had about maritime law.   He begins with the historical perspective and goes on to some rather interesting concepts.   One of the highlights is where he describes how this jurisdiction is different from
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Registration of Medical Devices (DCGI) | LawWiser and Phoenix Legal |#InAMinute #MedicalDevices
Recently the Registration of Medical Devices is introduced with licensing through simple e-based process. It will also increase the ambit of medical devices which come under regulatory control.   This will further affect the implications and procedure related to licensing and Registration of Medical Devices.
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LawWiser | Pre-Packaged Insolvency | Mukund P Unny
Watch this video where Mr. Mukund P Unny talks about Pre-pack insolvency.   He touches upon various important points right from the basics. It’s a newly announced policy and the effect of it is yet to be seen. In light of that, he analyses the
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LawWiser | Understanding Cryptocurrency | Shashank Garg
Bitcoins/cryptocurrency no matter how interesting investment in them may be, it still has legalisation issues in India and many countries. Watch Shashank Garg , Partner , Advani & Co. share the background on the introduction of cryptocurrency, quickly explains various aspects on its legalisation ,
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