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Green Hydrogen : Legal Perspective

Green Hydrogen : Legal Perspective

One of the major requirements for reduction of emissions is transition to Green Hydrogen. Towards this initiative, the Government of India has launched the National Hydrogen Policy aiming to aid the government in meeting its climate targets and making India a green hydrogen hub.

Watchnow #LawWiser’s video on “Green Hydrogen Legal Perspective” with our host Sania Husaini #inconversation with Rimali Batra, Associate Partner, DSK Legal.

Rimali succinctly explains to us
⚗️ what is Green Hydrogen, its uses
⚗️ attributes of the National Hydrogen Policy, what’s in it for the producers?
⚗️ challenges with respect to production and supply
⚗️ economic challenges of the policy
And she wraps up the conversation by highlighting the potential of this policy.

Tunein to watch the full feature to know all about green hydrogen and the national hydrogen policy and much more on LawWiser.

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