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Hostile Takeovers – Bindiya Raichura, Juris Corp

Hostile Takeovers – Bindiya Raichura, Juris Corp

Are you looking for an expert opinion on hostile takeovers and its legal aspects?

We have Bindiya Raichura, Partner, Juris Corp, to help you understand about the legalities involved in hostile takeovers and how to protect yourself from hostile takeover attempts.

In her conversation with Avani Shukla, LawWiser, she talks about –

1) What is a hostile takeover?

2) What are the factors that drive a hostile takeover?

3) What laws govern hostile takeover in India?

4) What type of defences or measures can businesses take against hostile takeovers?

5) What are some known hostile takeovers that have taken place in India?

6) Key takeways for our audience on hostile takeover.

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