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How to choose the right Canadian Immigration Consultants?

How to choose the right Canadian Immigration Consultants?

While planning your move to Canada, one of the first steps is to apply to an immigration program. Whether you’re planning to come as a permanent resident or temporary resident, the application process can be quite complex.

Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right immigration consultants. But the market of consultants and counsels is very crowded in Canada.

Watch Now for the super interesting conversation – How to choose the right Canadian immigration consultants?, featuring Barbara Jo (BJ) Caruso, Founder, of Corporate Immigration Law Firm, and Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser.

They will be discussing –

– Intracompany transfer-related immigration

– Parameters one should apply while choosing a counsel

Stay tuned till the end, as she also advises –

– Companies and employees who are looking to move to Canada from other countries

– People who have applied and people who are planning to apply

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