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Journey Of a Civil Case (procedure), Part – 1

Journey Of a Civil Case (procedure), Part – 1

Watch this video where Srirupa of Lawwiser talks about the Journey of a Civil Case Process Right from institution, there are several steps that follow before the final arguments are heard and the case is disposed of. In Part 1 we shall talk about the that any civil case must follow upon institution.

A Plaint is the written complaint or allegation. The person filing it is the “Plaintiff” and the person against whom it is filed is a “Defendant” in the case.

We then talk about the Vakalatnama which is a written document, through which the person/party filing the case authorizes an Advocate/Lawyer to appear in court on their behalf. However a person/party filing a case, may also appear in person.

Filing of plaint is done before the before Chief Ministerial Officer after paying appropriate court fee.

We also talk about what happens when the Court issues notice in a case.

#Staytuned for part 2 where we shall consider what happens once the written statement is filed by the Defendant.

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