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Key Regulations for MSME | MSME Regulations | LawWiser

Key Regulations for MSME | MSME Regulations | LawWiser

Notably, India has seen imperative growth in the employment sector mainly because of MSME. If we go with statistics, there are 63.05 million micro industries, 0.33 million small enterprises, and nearly 5,000 medium enterprises. Tune into the latest video where #LawWiser takes you through the quick byte on “Key Regulations for MSME’s”. In this video, Prabhjot Singh shares some insights related to key regulations for MSME’s, such as

🔘 Laws of equal opportunity for all

🔘 Code on wages

🔘 Laws for the underprivileged sector

🔘 Code on Occupational safety, health and working conditions

🔘 Codes on social security He also shares, when these regulations were introduced and whether they have been notified.

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