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Laws Concerning Spyware in India (Pegasus Spyware Case)

Laws Concerning Spyware in India (Pegasus Spyware Case)

Recently, there were reports published by the Washington Post and The Guardian highlighting the use of Pegasus spyware in 10 countries including India. These reports have highlighted the issue of spyware laws and user privacy concerns.

What is Pegasus? Spyware that infects devices and spies on the victim by transferring data to a master server in an unauthorized manner. It is developed, marketed, and licensed to foreign governments around the world by NSO Group, an Israeli company. This is the second time that the Pegasus incident has been reported in India and it also creates the need for more stringent laws for spyware control in the country.

In this video, watch Avani Shukla of LawWiser quickly explaining details about the Pegasus spyware issue and the different laws concerning spyware in India. She also shares WhatsApp’s legal battle against the Pegasus. Get to know all about the spyware laws in India and what lies ahead of it. #Watchnow!

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