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The Great Legal Minds Show – Nishith Desai | Part 1

The Great Legal Minds Show – Nishith Desai | Part 1

In this episode of The Great Legal Minds Show, we have with us Nishith Desai, Founder, Nishith Desai Associates. In this conversation, our host Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser asks Mr. Desai questions that are not put to lawyer’s very often. Mr. Desai talks about the business of law giving us a very easy-to-understand explanation for the current state of affairs. He also discusses with us business-management emphasizing on the law firm scenario.

He then talks to us about the role that lawyers- who have specialist knowledge in the different fields of law may widen their horizons and contribute to the larger business ecosystem that the organization is a part of. Watch Now and Get Inspired ! Staytuned for part 2 where the discussion is continued and more interesting topics are dealt with.

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