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The Great Legal Minds – Sarosh Zaiwalla

The Great Legal Minds – Sarosh Zaiwalla

In this episode of #TGLM, Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser interviews another Great Legal Mind – Sarosh Zaiwalla, Senior Partner, Zaiwalla & Co, London.

Watch him talk about some of the most interesting things that one can hope to do as a lawyer. He shares interesting stories behind the diverse cases that he has taken up and the rich experience that’s lead to. Through the course of his life, Mr. Zaiwalla has worked and also built friendships with some very interesting and revered personalities such as Tony Blair, the late Rajiv Gandhi and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

#TuneIn now to watch the full interview. We promise some fun anecdotes and dollops of inspiration!

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