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The Great Legal Minds – Shiraz Patodia

The Great Legal Minds – Shiraz Patodia

Here is a chat between Mr. Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser with the #TGLM, Shiraz Patodia, Senior Solicitor, Dua Associates.

Watch Now to hear Shiraz Patodia talk about her journey as someone who saw the result of all her hard work upon being appointed as a Partner at the young age of 29. She discusses the challenges of working as a woman lawyer juggling a multiplicity of roles.

Shiraz also talks about how although many women join the profession few remain to climb the ladder and get absorbed in more advanced positions. She also shares what may be done for greater retention of women by this often seen as ‘male-dominated’ profession.

Shiraz spoke to us about her experience working with the International Trade Practice of her firm from setting it up to the arduous work that the team has put in even during the ongoing pandemic. Shiraz also spoke about her work with anti-dumping laws.

Watch Shiraz also look back with reticence on her early years as a lawyer, the challenges of being a young female lawyer as well as the support that she got from her peers as well as her seniors.

She also looks back on the challenges of working as a young mother and how she overcame them. Get Inspired by this incredible feminist lawyer who continues fiercely to defend the rights of women and fight for what she believes in tirelessly!

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  • Dr.Asha Joshi

    May 7, 2021at9:57 pm Reply

    Excellent interview
    Very well spoken

  • Dr. Kamal Rustomjee

    May 8, 2021at7:22 am Reply

    Great initiative, high time women get their dues. Change is in order and every step in the direction will bring us closer to our destination. Besides the pandemic has shown that women are great administrators. Countries headed by women have sailed through this terrible disaster with ease and safety 🙏

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