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Top Concerns of EV Sector – Consumer Perspective

Top Concerns of EV Sector – Consumer Perspective

Are you excited about the new launches of EV cars or are you considering purchasing one?

Watch our full video on Top concerns of the EV sector- Consumer Perspective with Sergius Barretto, Managing Editor, Autocar India and Lavanya Behl, Co-founder & CGO, LawWiser, to understand –

– Present consumer perceptions on EVs and what are the attitude barriers

– Creating awareness surrounding EVs related to battery, vehicle issues, etc.

– Importance of leveraging consumer insights by EV companies

– Aspects that consumers should evaluate before purchasing EVs

– Most awaited EV cars going to be launched in the coming years

This video will give you an overall understanding of EVs from a consumer’s perspective. Stay tuned for more such interesting videos on our dialogue series EVolution – Future of electric mobility in India.

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