Innovation & Disruption | The Evolving Legal Tech Landscape In Nepal | Kailash Panday, Founder, Lex Advise
As the current lockdown situation restricts the movement for all, technology has become a crucial element in life. Like most businesses, law firms have also had to rely on technology more than ever to comply with work from home environment. The legal tech has made
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Innovation & Disruption – Innovation In Legal Tech In Asia
As hearings and trials now take place on video conferencing and the whole world is running on digital, the law firms working remotely have adopted Legal Tech (legal Technology) to align their processes. Know more about Legal Tech on our latest video!   LawWiser brings
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LawWiser | COVID Vaccine & Issue of Licensing | Rajeshwari Hariharan
Today our country is facing challenges for availability and accessibility of the Covid vaccine. Since the Covid vaccine has been developed many are advocating for easing of #IP rights to overcome these challenges. In this video, Lawwiser discusses Covid Vaccine and the Issue of Compulsory
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LawWiser & NEXL | BD Tips For Lawyers, Stephen Revell
Lawyers don't like to sell. So how can law firms engage with clients and win new business? And how can BD teams and lawyers work in better sync to increase revenue?   To get answers to these questions, #tunein to this conversation between our Founder,
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LawWiser | Legal Tech Summarized - What you need to know in 2021 | NEXL
LawWiser brings to you the legal technology experts from across the globe, discussing the scope of legal technology and its importance in the legal sector.   Watch the first video of the #LawWiser legal tech series, 'Legal Tech Summarized - What you need to know
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LawWiser | The Emergence of Commercial Justice Through IBC
Watch our new video on the recently launched Book titled "The Emergence of Commercial Justice: Insolvency And Arbitration" by Vivek Sood, Senior Advocate. The book explores and analyses game-changing judgments delivered by the Supreme Court in establishing the concept of Commercial Justice.   Our Guest
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