Why This Report?

With the role and needs of in-house counsel evolving, so are the dynamics of their relationship with external legal advisors. The parameters of decision-making have changed.

In this context, how can law firms keep pace, deliver value, and develop long-lasting relationships with clients? While there is no dearth of talent on the law firm side, on ground, GCs are facing issues with lack of commercial awareness, responsiveness and quality of work.

This report aims to investigate and analyse this gap and come up with actionable insights that can help optimise the collaboration between internal and external legal teams.

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Why this report?

Despite the Indian legal market growing and becoming more professional over the last two decades, there are a few issues persisting with the commercial knowledge and responsiveness of advisers that General Counsel encounter. These issues could cause General Counsel to switch law firms if not addressed, highlighting the report’s importance in bridging the gap between general counsel and law firms.


The report endeavors to give law firms, exclusive insights on how they can increase their chances of winning work from the best companies and firms, by offering quality legal services that meet the changing demands of sophisticated and discerning general counsel.

Researcher and Author

Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris is an independent journalist with extensive experience covering business, law and sport. She worked for The Lawyer for several years, including as special reports & Europe editor, and news editor; and currently writes for a range of organisations including the International Bar Association.


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Sania Husaini

Lawyer & Consulting EditorSania is a lawyer who uses her legal knowledge while creating high-impact content for LawWiser. She has 7+ years of work experience in Litigation. She has worked with one of the best-known law firms in India and with a prominent senior advocate. Sania also worked as a research assistant to former Supreme Court Judges.

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