#UKUnlock21 is a three-part video series in which we discuss the post-Brexit UK-India bilateral trade & investment relationship.


With the end of the Brexit transition period fast approaching – on 31st December 2020, this is a topic of much discussion and debate. The new EU-UK relationship is still being negotiated with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen agreeing on an extra mile deadline for the deal talks.


The UK-India partnership has been going strong. In 2019, trade between the two countries hit £24 billion, up by almost 10% in just one year. India recently became the second largest FDI contributor to the UK. During the Joint Economic Trade Committee (JETCO) meeting, both countries agreed to an Enhanced Trade Partnership with a roadmap to a potential free trade agreement (FTA). How would either of the scenarios – a deal or no-deal Brexit affect the development of FTA talks?  What’s the way ahead to strengthen collaboration and remove market access barriers?


LawWiser brings to you three panels wherein experts would deep dive into the complexities and opportunities post-Brexit, plus the impact of the global pandemic. Our focus is on the legal and regulatory aspects, with an overall perspective of business growth and collaboration.

  1. Saloni Tuteja, Director – Legal, South Asia, Zimmer Biomet 
  2. Jayant Krishna, Group CEO, UKIBC
  3. Gaurav Dani, Partner, IndusLaw

Saloni Tuteja, Director - Legal, South Asia, Zimmer Biomet

Jayant Krishna, Group CEO, UKIBC

Gaurav Dani, Partner, IndusLaw

  1. Kevin McCole, MD, UKIBC 
  2. Suneeth Katarki, Partner, IndusLaw
  3. Fabrizio Carpanini, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney 

Kevin McCole, MD, UKIBC

Suneeth Katarki, Partner, IndusLaw

Fabrizio Carpanini, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

  1. Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) and General Counsel, Hinduja Group 
  2. Meghna Misra-Elder, Associate Director, UKIBC 
  3. Avimukt Dar, Partner, IndusLaw
  4. Vijay Goel, Founder – Indo-EU Business Forum and Chairman – ASSOCHAM UK

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) and General Counsel, Hinduja Group

Meghna Misra-Elder, Associate Director, UKIBC

Avimukt Dar, Partner, IndusLaw

Vijay Goel, Founder - Indo-EU Business Forum and Chairman - ASSOCHAM UK



#UKUnlock21 | Brexit and the ease of doing Business in the UK | Teaser
#UKUnlock21 | India As A Trading Partner - Gauging The UK's Investor Sentiment | Teaser
#UKUnlock21 | The Post-Brexit UK-India Trade & Investment Relationship | Teaser


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#UKUnlock21 | India as a Trading Partner - Gauging the UK's Investor Sentiment | Full-Feature
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"My UK India Business Council colleagues and I worked with Law Wiser on an excellent video series looking at the opportunities for UK-India collaboration post-Brexit. It was really positive working with LawWiser – they’re approach to curating and sharing content is innovative, they developed a great topic, secured insightful speakers, and were really good to work with. It’s always good to work with smart, passionate people."
Kevin McCole
Managing Director, UKIBC

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