#WILDialogs (Women in Law) is a heartfelt attempt to encourage solution-oriented dialogue about gender equality and inclusivity in the legal profession. We are bringing on our platform some of the most inspiring lawyers to share about their journey, their views on how to bring about inclusivity and how they have dealt with challenges in their careers along with balancing all the other roles they play.

Our guests are in-house counsels, senior advocates, law firm founders and partners. We will also be talking to young associates about their experiences as they are the future! Join us to hear from a diverse lineup of speakers.As a part of this campaign, we are also running social media polls to share interesting trivia around women in law and to know your thoughts on key aspects of gender inclusivity.

Shout out to the team at 
IndusLaw for their wholehearted support to this series! Let’s celebrate our amazing women lawyers and commit to a more gender inclusive world.


#WILDialogs (Women In Law Dialogues) | LawWiser and IndusLaw | Panel 3

In this LawWiser #WILDialogs  interview, our host Lavanya Behl talks to Suneeth Katarki and Avimukt Dar, Founding Partners, IndusLaw about gender diversity in the legal profession – at law firms, in-house and the judiciary. While things are changing at the law school and associate level

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LawWiser #WILDialogs | Understanding Enablers of Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace | Sowmya Kumar, IndusLaw

Next in LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw, we bring to you a conversation about diversity and inclusion with the very warm and open Sowmya Kumar. She’s a Partner, Labour & Employment at IndusLaw, based out of Bangalore. She begins by explaining the basic difference between

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LawWiser | #WILDialogs | Panel 2

This women’s history month, we talk to our illustrious speakers about gender diversity and inclusion in the profession of law. On Panel 2 of LawWiser #WILDialogs, we have with us our incredible hosts, Revathy and Sushmita, both partners at Induslaw. Tune in for this engaging

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LawWiser | #WILDialogs - Panel 1 | Full Feature

It’s Women’s Day as well as Women’s History Month! To celebrate that, we are delighted to release the video from Panel 1 of our video series LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. Our speakers include Senior Advocate, Geeta Luthra; Executive Director & General Counsel at Maruti

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#WIL Quotes

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”


– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Geeta Luthra
Senior Advocate

Manjaree Chowdhary
Executive Director and General Counsel
Maruti Suzuki India

Namita Viswanath

Padmaja Kaul

“As women achieve power, the barriers will fall. As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll all be better off for it.”


– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Revathy Muralidharan

Sushmita Gandhi

Shefali Shyam
General Counsel
Arvind Fashions Ltd.

Devjeet Ghosh
Legal Head
Mahindra Susten

Jahnavi Upadhyay
Partner, North India - Legal
Decathlon Sports India

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time”.

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Avimukt Dar

Suneeth Katarki

Lavanya Behl

Understanding Enablers of Diversity
and Inclusion at the Workplace

As law firm workplaces get more complex, we need to dig deeper. Is equality and equity the same thing? To simplify a lot, equality is treating people the same irrespective of their circumstances, while equity is recognising differences and tailoring solutions depending on need. Another important question is: what can we do to ensure a more fair workplace?



EXCERPTS - Women in Law

Questioning Implicit Gender Bias at Work & Beyond | #WILDialogs | LawWiser | IndusLaw

Here’s a sneak peek into our next session of LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. Our host Lavanya Behl is in conversation with Suneeth Katarki and Avimukt Dar, Founding Partners at IndusLaw. In this short clip, our speakers talk about their personal experience and how they’ve

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#WILDialogs | Human Centric Approach to Inclusivity at the Workplace | Jahnavi Upadhyay

Jahnavi is Partner, North India – Legal, Decathlon. Here’s a snippet from LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. She explains what it means to go a step beyond gender diversity and inclusivity at the workplaces. It is the simple act of treating everyone like a human

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Working women life balance

Here’s a snippet from Panel 2 of #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw featuring Shefali Shyam, General Counsel, Arvind Fashions Ltd. She shares her own experiences as a working mother and GC. She talks about simple yet innovative solutions to challenges that arise for working women who

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Gender Inclusivity in workplace

In Panel 2 of LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw, we speak to Devjeet Ghosh, Legal Head at Mahindra Susten about the women colleagues who have inspired him and Gender Inclusivity in workplace It made us very happy to hear his views on gender equality as

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gender equality in workplace

Watch this snippet from LawWiser #WILDialogs featuring Sushmita Gandhi, Partner, Induslaw. She talks to us about what it takes to create a workplace which is free of gender bias. She also shares her personal experience as a woman in litigation and how her team has

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Womens Empowerment

Watch our co-host of #WILDialogs Revathy Muralidharan, Partner at IndusLaw, talk about the nature of problems women face at their workplaces even though more and more opportunities are accessible to them. She believes that for women the path to women empowerment lies in breaking the

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#WILDialogs | Gender Inclusivity in Corporates & Law Firms

Diversity is no doubt important, but inclusion goes a step further. How does an organisation build an environment in which its women feel supported, respected, and equal? In this video, Manjaree Chowdhary, Namita Viswanath, and Padmaja Kaul talk about the gender inclusivity measures at their

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#WILDialogs | Journey of an In-House Counsel | Manajaree Chowdhary, Maruti Suzuki India

Tune in to watch our guest speaker Manjaree Chowdhary share her journey from an English Professor at Punjab University to becoming the first woman on the Board of Maruti Suzuki India. Currently serving as Executive Director and General Counsel at the company, she has over

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#WILDialogs | The Journey of a Law Firm Partner | Namita Viswanath, IndusLaw

In this snippet from panel 1 of LawWiser #WILDialogs, Namita, Partner at IndusLaw, talks about the art of embracing a dynamic career, from being an in-house counsel to becoming a partner at a law firm, she breaks down what it takes for the makings of

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#WILDialogs | The Journey of a Law Firm Partner | Padmaja Kaul, IndusLaw

Here’s a snippet panel 1 from our series #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. Padmaja talks about the hardships that have come her way as both a female lawyer as well as a highly successful one. She talks about the prevalent gender biases in the industry and

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