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What Canadian Immigration programs can I apply for? – Lawyer’s Perspective | LawWiser

Canada offers one of the world’s most open and dynamic immigration systems. They have set a target of welcoming around 400,000 new immigrants each year, between 2022- 2024.

So, let’s explore the different options available for immigration and what’s best for you!

#WatchNow the super interesting conversation on- What Canadian immigration programs can I apply for? – Lawyer’s Perspective, featuring David Garson, Managing Partner, Garson Immigration Law and Aman Abbas, Founder & CEO, LawWiser.

They will cover different interesting topics –

– Overview of different immigration programs in Canada

– Most favoured immigration programs among different options available

– Given the current backlog, programs that are getting cleared faster

Stay tuned till the end as he also gives advice for the people who have applied or planning to apply for immigration.

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