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Overview of Fantasy Sports in India – Part 2

When we talk about Online Gaming, one of the most prominent questions which arise is the legality surrounding it.

Watch, Overview of Fantasy Sports (Part II) where Gaurav Bhalla, Senior Associate at Ahlawat & Associates helps us understand –

– Game of Skill & Game of Chance

– Judicial Pronouncements on the legality of Fantasy Sports in India

– Recent developments in Fantasy Sports

– Overall Analysis of the fantasy sports

Tune in to understand different aspects surrounding fantasy sports in the country.


Betting Surrounding E-sports

We are delighted to share our Second Panel discussion part of the series #GamingForNextGen on ‘Betting surrounding E-Sports.’

Our eminent panelist includes-

– Anton Rublievskyi – CEO at Parimatch International

– Vidushpat Singhania – Managing Partner, Krida Legal

– Stepan Shulga – Head of E-Sports at Parimatch

Watch this intriguing discussion where our panellists cover different aspects of E-Sports such as –

– what is E-Sports and the rise of betting in E-sports globally

– laws governing E-Sports betting – current trends in e-sports globally, growth drivers, and

– global challenges associated with it

So, get to learn more about the growing market of E-sports and the trends surrounding it. Also, a big thank you to the All India Gaming Federation for all their support for this series!


The Evolving Landscape and Growth of Online Gaming in India

We are very delighted to share our first panel-discussion on, ‘The evolving landscape and growth of online gaming in India’.

Our eminent panelist includes-

– Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation

– Dinker Vashisht, Vice president: Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Games24x7

– Pariekshit Maadishetti, Managing Director, Gridlogic

– Ranjana Adhikari, Media, Entertainment & Gaming with the TMT Practice group, IndusLaw

– Charmaine Hogan, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Playtech

Watch this intriguing discussion covering different aspects of online gaming –

– the current scenario of the gaming industry in India with recent amendments and key regulatory decisions,

– challenges associated with current gaming policies, and

– current global trends associated with fantasy gaming.

Also, dive into the world of online gaming and learn much more about the evolving landscape and the growth surrounding it.

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