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WILDialogs – Understanding Enablers of Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace, Sowmya Kumar

Next in LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw, we bring to you a conversation about diversity and inclusion with the very warm and open Sowmya Kumar. She’s a Partner, Labour & Employment at IndusLaw, based out of Bangalore.


She begins by explaining the basic difference between diversity and inclusion which is very often not fully understood. In that context, she talks about Shamnad Basheer’s initiative to induce a sense of equality at the law school level itself.


While talking to our host Lavanya, Sowmya opens up about her journey as a professional with experiences ranging from working at the Big Four to big law firms. She has a wide spectrum of practical experience from where she is able to draw and break down what the issues really are. It was really interesting to understand the distinction between equality and equity.


Watch her explain where the difference lies and how that difference can take us really far in devising inclusive policies.

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