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The ADR Game-Changers – Arbitration & Mediation | #FiresideChat

Arbitration has found strong ground in India; however, Mediation is still finding its foothold.

#WatchNow LawWiser’s latest video on ‘The ADR game-changers- Arbitration & Mediation’ featuring Dr. Akhil Prasad, Director, Country Counsel, India, and Company Secretary at Boeing in a fireside chat with Gourab Banerji, Senior Advocate.

In this super interesting conversation, they discuss important aspects related to the Arbitration and Mediation in India.

Watch them taking us through the current scenario in International Arbitration.

And navigating through the need for the new proposed law of Mediation in the country.

Also, what is the the benefit that mediation brings to the table.

Watch the full video here – www.lawwiser.com


Need for Mediation in 3 minutes with Tara Ollapally

Quick take from Tara Olappally, Co-Founder and Mediator, CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice Pvt. Ltd. on the recent signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation and the need for focus on Mediation as a sustainable solution for alternative dispute resolution.

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