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Exploring Changes in Labour Codes : South-East Asia | #InConversation

With advancements in technology and challenges posed by the pandemic, many laws have been revisited for adaptability and effective implementation.

One such direction focuses on labour protection and creating flexibility in the market to ease business. Watch # LawWiser latest #Inconversation video on “Exploring changes in labour codes: South East Asia” with Ojasvita Srivastava, General Counsel at Securitas AMEA and our host Avani Shukla.

Ojasvati briefly shares the insights such as comparing the labour codes with International standards and how Vietnam has dealt with labour protection aspects which emerged due to the new labour code.

She also answers a question related to Which South Asian country is pioneering robust labour laws and some key takeaways for other jurisdictions.


Supreme Court on Changes in Policy Terms & Government on PLI Linked Scheme

LawWiser Tune into the latest video where LawWiser takes you through the updates related to “SC On Changes In Policy Terms” and “Government On PIL Linked Scheme”.

Watch Prabhjot Singh sharing the update on the policy changes wherein the Supreme Court has held that an insurer is clearly under a duty to inform policyholders about changes in terms of the policy during renewal, and failure to do so would amount to deficiency in service under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

In the second update, the government is planning to introduce the Production Linked Incentive Scheme, which is yet to be considered for approval by the cabinet.

As per the Production Linked Incentive Scheme, the government is planning to provide incentives worth Rs 76,000 crore towards setting up over 20 semiconductor design, components manufacturing, and display fabrication (fab) units over the next six years in a bid to make India a hub for electronics.


EESL & MSME Tie-up

#Watch our latest video on LawWiser about the tie up between EESL & MSME.

The State-owned EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) has collaborated with the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), MSME ministry, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to implement a national project for MSME sector.

The project is aimed to deploy 35 energy efficient technologies which have maximum possibility of replication and potential to improve the energy productivity of fellow MSMEs units. #staytuned to #LawWiser for more such updates.


Steering Through Fundraising in the EV (Electric Vehicle) Sector

India has seen a proliferation of startups in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space in the past few years on the back of the government’s vision for 2030, improving charging infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions apart from increased investor’s’ interest.

LawWiser brings discussion on “Steering through Fundraising in the EV Sector” with Pawan Singhal (Chief Legal Officer, Ather Energy) and Kartik Ganapathy (Partner, Indus Law) part of the HOW TO THINK FUTURE Series.

Our panelists emphasize on the following points-

  • How crucial is Fundraising for the EV sector?
  • Focus on EV sector in Government Vision 2030
  • What are the challenges faced by the EV sector?
  • What opportunities are there for the Investors?
  • Documents: Promoters and Investors need to guard while fundraising?

Stay tuned LawWiser for more such insights

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The Copyright Issue Of The E- Newspapers – One On One

Did you know, forwarding e-newspapers on WhatsApp is a violation of The Copyrights Act!

Know more about the key Copyright issues of the E-newspapers in this video.

LawWiser brings you a Conversation with Govind Vijay, Deputy General Counsel – HT Media Ltd on ‘The Copyright Issue of the E-Newspapers’

In our One-on-One Series

In this video, you will understand the Copyright Issue of the E-Newspapers.

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Mental Harassment Laws: A Legal Perspective

Mental Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Mental Health, POSH are the following terms we have been hearing since decades now. Despite of taking measures, still we see a lot of such cases coming to the courts.

LawWiser will provide you an insight on Mental Harassment and its legal perspective by Neha Gupta, Principal Associate – Athena Legal.

In our Know Your Law Series.

In this video you will learn the legal perspective of Mental Harassment.

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Intellectual Properties And Its Importance For Startups

Intellectual Property has always been the most crucial and important point of discussion for every Startup. IP Protection is equally important like protecting yourself from any dispute.

LawWiser brings you a Conversation between:

  1. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Chairman – TiE,
  2. Siddharth Mahajan, Partner – Athena Legal,

In the series – “How To Think Future” (Part 2).

In this conversation you will understand the importance of Intellectual Property and its importance for the startup ecosystem.

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Fake News and its Regulations

Fake News is the matter of concern since the ancient times, but now it is important to discuss how it is regulated.

LawWiser brings you a #Conversation with Sachin Kalra, Deputy General Counsel – HT Media Ltd.

In our One-on-One Series

The conversation will help you to understand about Fake News and Its Regulations.

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How To Think Future – Startup Ecosystem & Law | Legal advice for startups

Law is the most crucial need for every startup. LawWiser brings you an exclusive Legal advice for startups with a conversation between:

Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Chairman – TiE
Avimukt Dar, Partner – Induslaw, and
Aman Abbas, Founder – LawWiser

In the series – “How to think Future”

The conversation will help you to understand the current situation of the Startup Ecosystem and how they can be legally empowered.

To get featured in more such conversations, write us on editorial@lawwiser.com

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