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We help you engage with the legal community in innovative ways
LawWiser is India’s first video-only knowledge sharing platform for the legal community connecting practising lawyers, General Counsels and legal tech innovators from across the globe.
We are legal content specialists
Our team is a unique combination of lawyers, communications professionals, video production experts and digital marketers.
We make you look good
You can rely on us for high quality video content that helps to showcase your expertise and thought leadership initiatives. Our social media campaigns are designed to ensure visibility amongst relevant audiences.
We understand the language of video
We are on a mission to transform creation and consumption of legal content through video. If you are a law firm wanting to leverage video marketing – we have all the solutions!
We support your BD goals
The content and campaigns we plan are designed and timed to support your firm’s BD goals. We work closely with you to understand priority practice areas, focus industries and growth markets.
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Choice Of format

We create highly customizable content which includes panel discussions, bite sized analyses, one to one interviews, sharp takes on trending topics and much more as per your firm’s BD goals.
We curate bite sized videos with high impacting legal content for people from the legal fraternity, entrepreneurs, CXOs and other seekers of legal knowledge. It involves quick takes on legal and regulatory changes with sharp insights that add value to your audience. These videos take less time to view, and shorter sessions suit modern learners which further helps them stay engaged in the long run.
We curate explainers where experts break down complex laws and regulations to explain the concept in a simple way. These explainer videos help you share knowledge with an in-depth perspective. During video production we integrate music and infographics to capture attention and increase engagement.
LawWiser’s Expert Explainers are useful for CXOs who want to understand how legal developments can impact their business. Other audiences include young lawyers and law students who are potential talent for you.
Be a part of our focused panel discussions and engage with your industry peers and potential clients. Our platform serves as a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise on trending topics along with panelists from across the globe. You can network with eminent lawyers and in-house counsel through our curated discussions online, without having to travel and attend conferences. Hence, they work as a meeting point between you and prospective clients.
We conduct one to one interviews with law firm partners, GCs and legal BD professionals. Our conversations range from trending technical legal topics to business of law aspects. Some of the recent topics we’ve covered include compliance, distressed M&A, maritime claims, pre-pack insolvency and emergency arbitration.
We also profile founders and managing partners through these in-depth interviews by talking to them about their journeys, motivations and vision. The quality and relevance of our content combined with effective digital marketing strategies ensure that you gain visibility amongst the targeted audience.



Here is how we work alongside our legal clients from ideation to production and promotion.
helping Legal industry grow

How do we do it?

Deep diving into the legal industry through our showcasing which helps you in -:

Latest legal updates

In the complex world of Corporate law, LawWiser provides insightful latest legal updates by collaborating with different industry experts 

Video Marketing for Lawyers

Through Thought leadership strategies and content distribution, we make sure that our partners reach and become visible to the right audience

Legal Videos

Our niche includes videos on the legal topics like arbitration and litigation, corporate commercial, taxation thereby making us experts in corporate law and legal videos.

Gaining Legal Knowledge

We offer sharp, focused and insightful content which helps not only in getting an understanding on various technical issues and also gives a plethora of legal knowledge.

Law Firm Video Marketing

Making law firm visible to the right audience, we help law firms to reach to the correct audience and potential client base through intense digital marketing strategies. 

legal analysis

Our speakers include industry experts and hence the analysis on recent cases and hot topics becomes one of our strengths making lawwiser a platform for legal analysis 

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