Latest Legal Updates

LawWiser intends to bridge the gap between our clients and their audience.

Latest Legal Updates

In the complex world of corporate law, LawWiser provides insightful latest legal updates by collaborating with different industry experts.

You will find the latest changes in the legal landscape that potentially affect the various sectors such as start-ups, infrastructure, healthcare and pharma, media sports, Tax, and more.

From changes in legislation and case law to regulatory reforms, at LawWiser we’re able to provide you on all legal developments.

We aim to develop a platform which is the most informative, useful, reliable and handy resource of legal news and other related information for the whole law as well as the Commercial community.

As a knowledge sharing platform, The LawWiser will be firmly committed to the interest of legal community and Businesses with democratic values. Apart from providing authoritative analysis and commentary, the aim, as our resources grow, is to build ourselves as a platform driven by good modern fashioned reporting on issues of national and international importance and interest.

Being on the website also means using the media technologies by creating legal videos.

At its heart is our innovative, easy to use and highly accessible and quick updates on the various sectors.

Tailored to your specific needs LawWiser provides legal updates direct to your web of only the legislation relevant to you in the specific sector.

The updates ae easy to understand in the basic language. Sometimes it might be a detailed version of a latest update. Sometimes it might be the quick short update that is relevant.

To tell you the latest in the legal landscape of your sector and what the update means to the new emerging business in the specific sector.

On this page you will find the latest legal updates for Indian laws. The legal updates will also include the decision of Courts on the latest matters relevant to the sectors such as Infrastructure, Health & Pharma, Taxation, Intellectual Property, FMCG, Environment laws , Labour compliances ,and others.

Legal updates are provided on a daily basis in the form of videos to have a quick understanding of the governments initiatives and moves taken in the legal world.

Also, the updates are related to MSE Sector giving an insight knowledge of daily happenings in the sector.

The updates will also include the news from Media, Fin tech, sports, technology, start-ups sectors.

The updates will be a brief of what has come into the news.  Sometimes it might be related to the interviews, and columns. At LawWiser, you will find the latest changes in the legal landscape that potentially affect your business.

From changes in legislation and case law to regulatory reforms, we’re able to provide the news you on all legal developments in the various sectors.

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