Law Firm Marketing

LawWiser intends to bridge the gap between our clients and their audience.

Law Firm Marketing

Marking law firm visible to the right audience, we help Law firms to reach to the correct audience and potential client base through intense digital marketing strategies and law firm marketing. 

Our aim is to provide the video marketing services personalized to properly present your firm to business clients.

We will provide the full marketing service, including logo and graphic design, Content development solutions, SEO, PPC, social media, Video Production. Law Firm Marketing will create the project brand, quality and knowledge in a way that resonates with the Chief executive officer, General counsels and Chief financial officers.

Essentially, our marketing strategy explains the whys behind your firm’s marketing and drives your marketing efforts forward. Your law firm marketing strategy captures your firm’s marketing goals, target audience, services offered, core message, and more. By highlighting your firm’s marketing goals, defining your target market, analysing your competitors and market, and shaping your core message, your firm will be in a better position to create an effective marketing plan.

Defining your marketing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals such as Brand awareness, Lead generation, Thought leadership, Client acquisition, Increase customer value.

Understanding and defining your target audience—including their characteristics, purchasing habits when it comes to legal services, and pain points—will go a long way in helping you execute an effective marketing plan. 

Analysing about the size of the business opportunity your law firm has, based on your practice area(s), geographical location, target audience, etc. 

Competitive analysis by understanding how and what your competitors are doing.

What are the characteristics of your competitors?

What is their market share?

How do they try to differentiate themselves from other law firms?

Outlining what type of legal services you will offer, in what practice area(s), and what type of clients do you offer these services to.

Are you providing legal help to individuals with accident injuries? Or maybe you provide legal help to families going through difficult divorces? What are the benefits of those services and how will you provide those services?

This is the core message you want your target audience to know about your law firm. Your core message should go beyond letting your ideal clients know what services you offer—it should speak deeper to their legal and personal pain points and needs. 

Pricing and promotion

How will you price and promote your services? What is your law firm pricing model and what do the different prices include? What marketing channels will you utilize and why have you chosen them? 

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