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Our aim is to transform creation and consumption of legal content through engaging and impactful legal videos

Legal Videos

Legal videos are no longer the old scripted individual videos; we have witnessed and discovered a lot about the concept of legal videos.


May it be students, researchers, lawyers, advocates, attorneys or even partners from top tier law firms now focus on videos rather than the long full-fledged articles that take a lot more time to understand and remember for future calls.


If we go with the stats, by 2024, 82% of traffic will be from videos. Data even tells us that law firm videos have a 41% increase in their traffic. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Wondering what could be the reason behind the increase in demand for law firm videos?


Well, long back ago, lawyering was based on managing clients through a convenient system of communication; then after a few years, the focus diverted towards content, i.e. articles and blogs; now the concept has slightly changed as people have started prioritizing videos instead of written content.


Law firms, in order to increase engagement and business relationships across industry experts, do legal videos. Perhaps the only difference could be found in the approach and the quality of legal content and law firm videos.


Though the same can be easily done on an individual basis as well.


How to curate content through individual lawyer videos?


There are a million ways to strategize your individual lawyer video, among which the first step is to see if the content fits your expertise or area of interest. The second and third step is to figure out the target audience and the tonality.


As per expert opinions, lawyer videos are less demanding but can be done on a consistent basis as there exists no outside pressure or any sort of assistance from a firm.


LawWiser regularly provides a platform for General Counsels. Lawyers from diverse backgrounds and attorneys. We have built this platform for easy consumption of legal content and generating business for law firms across different regions.


With the right use of social media channels, dynamic results can be achieved in a short span of time.

While the legal profession is ever-evolving and challengeable, on the other end, it gives legal professionals the authority to change the system with responsible and systemized actions. 


Legal videos are thus a new instrument for evolving legal culture to signify growth and bring big businesses to the table, and with LawWiser it is much easier as we are constantly evolving our content strategies and execution plans.

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