Labour & Employment

Labor and employment law in India is an ever-changing field that is vital to both companies and employees. It addresses a wide range of topics, including hiring and firing, labor disputes, employee benefits, social security, and workplace safety. The Industrial Disputes Act, the Employees Provident Fund Act, the Factories Act, and the Minimum Wages Act, among others, provide a comprehensive legislative framework for regulating labor and employment relations in India. LawWiser offers legal content on Labour & Employment legislation that simplifies complex rules and regulations, concisely explains the laws, and solves often-voiced difficulties and queries. Our videos contain top industry experts discussing topics like employee benefits, labor disputes, termination, and social security. We provide insights into the most recent developments in labor laws, such as the Code on Wages, 2019, which consolidates four previous wage laws and makes substantial revisions to the labor laws. Tune into LawWiser and explore our content to improve your legal knowledge to remain up to date on the newest advancements in labor and employment law in India.

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