The energy industry is an important part of any economy because it contributes significantly to a country’s growth and development. The sector includes numerous energy sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower. The energy sector in India is governed by several laws and regulations, including the Electricity Act, the National Tariff Policy, and the Renewable Energy Act, among others. The regulatory framework ensures consumer protection and appropriate power supply to fulfill the demands of various sectors, as well as the development, operation, and maintenance of energy resources and infrastructure. LawWiser gives an in-depth overview of the legal framework that governs India’s energy sector. Our legal specialists provide insight into the sector’s most recent events and trends, including the impact of policy changes and regulatory modifications. Our videos cover a wide range of issues, including renewable energy policy, power purchase agreements, tariff laws, grid integration, and distribution reforms. We seek to simplify the complex legal structure that governs the energy sector and to provide practical advice and direction to businesses as they manage legal and regulatory obstacles. Our videos also discuss the role of technology in the energy sector, as well as the significance of innovation in the development of renewable energy sources. Tune in to LawWiser to stay up to date on the newest legal developments and to expand your legal knowledge in the energy sector.

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