08/08/2023 Energy, TRACKS By LawWiser

‘Harnessing infrastructure to make EV mainstream in India’, Watch now second-panel discussion part of LawWiser’s series EVolution.

The EV sector is one of the most lucrative and fast-developing sectors. Well, the importance given to this sector is not surprising! Considering the need for cleaner energy options and rising fuel prices, it is becoming one of the most viable options for consumers as well.


India has been consistently working towards developing this sector at a fast pace with new policies and providing impetus to funding. To bring the sector at par with global standards it is important to develop the infrastructure of the EV sector.


In this discussion with our expert panellists we discuss what is required to harness the infrastructure to make EVs mainstream in India. Our panellist’s Priyakshi Gupta, Co-founder & Editor, EVReporter.com (http://EVReporter.com) and Darshan Bora, Partner, Economic Laws Practice will discuss –


– Major infrastructural challenges that come with the adoption of EVs in India and the role of authorities in enabling seamless charging infrastructure

– Advantages and disadvantages of Battery swapping policy

– Importance of Battery recycling


Watch now the full feature to learn all about the interesting aspects!

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