Technology & Data

In India, the field of Technology & Data law deals with legal concerns of the fast-evolving world of technology and the processing and use of data. The practice field includes a wide range of legal issues such as cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, e-commerce, fintech, intellectual property, telecommunications, and internet law. With the introduction of new technologies and their expanding application in numerous industries, it is critical to understand the legal framework governing their use. This branch of law assists firms in navigating legal issues resulting from the use of technology and the processing of data. It entails advising customers on data protection and privacy rules, cybersecurity measures, technology licensing, e-commerce transactions, and other topics.
Furthermore, technology and data law practitioners frequently collaborate with clients in new industries such as fintech and blockchain technology, assisting them in staying ahead of the fast- evolving legal landscape. As technology advances, so will the demand for legal competence in this field.LawWiser’s instructive videos keep you up to date on the newest advancements in the industry. Our videos cover a wide range of issues, including data protection legislation, cyber security, e- commerce rules, and technology transactions. We attempt to clarify complicated legal concerns relating to technology and data, as well as provide insights into how these laws affect organizations.

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