The Future of EV in India : Exploring Policy Outlook

17/07/2023 Automotive, Energy, TRACKS By jiten



EV is not just a trending term but also considered a viable option by consumers choosing clean energy options.


However, the EV sector has undergone changes in terms of policies. The government has consistently worked towards providing impetus to the Sector to bring it at par with global standards.


Watch our interesting discussion on The Future of EV in India: Exploring Policy outlook, with our eminent panellists –

– Ntasha, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Ankurit Capital

– Ashpreet Sethi, Head of Public Affairs, EVage Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

– Dipti Lavya Swain, Founder & Managing Partner, DLS Law Offices

The Session is moderated by Sania Husaini, Lawyer & Consulting Editor, LawWiser.


They discuss some top policy-related aspects concerning the EV sector like:

– The biggest changes that happened in the past 10 years in the EV landscape

– Need for Uniformity in State Policies – Issues faced in the implementation of policies

– Measures for effective implementation of the policies

– The role of the centre as a policy powerhouse in the EV sector

– How do PLI Schemes aim to boost the EV sector

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