Why EVolution?

The future of electric mobility in India. The Indian automotive industry is the fifth-largest in the world and is expected to be the third-largest by 2030. With increasing concerns about depleting natural resources, reliance on renewable energy is the need of the hour. This propels the idea of achieving electric mobility, with an aim to provide a cost-effective alternative to consumers and to reduce the impact of carbon emissions. The total registered EV volumes stood at 3.13 lakh units in the calendar year 2021 with February registering the highest-ever monthly volumes. Registered EV sales have managed to cross the one lakh mark in the first two months of 2022. In our series EVolution- The future of electric mobility in India, we discuss what it will take to make EV mainstream in India, address top consumer concerns and analyse the policies and requirements of the sector with top industry experts.


Sergius Barretto

Priyakshi Gupta

Darshan Bora

Ashpreet Sethi


Dipti Lavya Swain


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