03/08/2023 LAW FIRM By LawWiser

A Startup’s needs and challenges vary with each stage that the business goes through. It may be unique to different startups.

Understand from #LawWiser‘s discussion on how tech startups can navigate through these stages with a robust legal support with ease.

#Watch the video on Accelerating Startups with our panellists,

seasoned founder Milan Ganatra, Founder, 1Silverbullet;

Mohit Kapoor, Founder & Senior Partner, Universal Legal and Henna Kapadia Poojara, Senior Associate, Universal Legal with our host Sania Husaini.

💡 They share some pertinent pointers on startup growth like

💡 What aspects startups should focus on at the existence/beginning stage?

💡 What are the critical questions that a startup founder has about finance?

💡 How critical is it to have the right dispute resolution and litigation approach?

💡 Top pointers for approaching the demands of a Startup at the growth stage?

Watch all this and much more on #LawWiser!

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