Addressing Challenges around Internal Investigation

16/01/2024 By LawWiser

Watch Jahnavi Upadhyay, Corporate Investigation Counsel at Accenture and Ranju Goyal, General Counsel at Stanza Living, in a riveting discussion with Avani Shukla of LawWiser, on effective internal investigations and fostering a culture of impartiality within organisations!

In this discussion, we have deep-dived into the world of internal investigations. Our experts guide us through the challenges and strategies that organisations face in maintaining transparency, integrity, and trust during these crucial processes.

🔹 Struggling with biases that can taint investigation outcomes? Learn how to create an impartial culture and ensure unbiased decision-making during investigations.

🔹 Worried about time constraints and transparency affecting trust? Discover how investigation teams can effectively manage time while enhancing transparency and confidentiality.

🔹 Dealing with inadequate policies that hinder the investigative process? Explore the steps to develop robust policies that support successful internal investigations.

🔹 Unsure about training and documentation for investigation teams? Uncover the training initiatives and best practices for maintaining thorough records, ensuring a foolproof investigation process.

Join us as we unravel the key to effective investigations and impartial decision-making.

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