03/08/2023 Infrastructure & Projects, Real Estate By LawWiser

#Budget2023 is the prime focus right now and with it are the #budgetexpectations! Business, industries and sectors are sharing their expectations from the upcoming Budget which will be released tomorrow.


Watch on #LawWiser pre-budget expectations #RealEstate, as shared by Harsh Shah, Partner, Economic Laws Practice (ELP). Watch Harsh shares insights on expectations with GST law for the real estate sector.


Tune in to watch and understand

– Key changes expected in the budget for the real estate sector

– Deductions on account of land

– GST on redeveloped units

– Low-cost housing benefits

– Optional to permit payment of GST using ITC at a higher rate or lower rate with no ITC

– Credit eligibility for commercial leasing/sale

– The rationale behind the expectations

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