Differences between Stress, Anxiety and Burnout | #LetsGetReal

17/07/2023 Let’s Get Real By jiten

“You need to admit to yourself that you need to get help because the thing about depression & anxiety is that it only gets worse with time. ” – Pamela DeNeuve

#WatchNow LawWiser’s latest video on ‘Differences between stress, anxiety and burnout’ featuring Pamela DeNeuve- Lawyer Productivity Coach & Strategist in conversation with our host Lavanya Behl where she talks about her personal experience with clients from the legal profession and their struggles with mental health.

She will help you understand the difference between stress, anxiety, and burnout and states that stress is an entryway that can further lead to anxiety and burnout. She also provides some solutions and different ways to cope up with stress and burnout.

Tune in to learn more.

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