03/08/2023 LAW FIRM By LawWiser

Watch our new Lawwiser video on ‘Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions’ with our host Lavanya Behl #inconversation with Jayesh H, Founding Partner, Juris Corp.


Distressed acquisitions have always been part of the M&A arena in India. Such acquisitions require lot of research, due diligence and proper procedures to be followed. By 2018, distressed acquisitions accounted for around 12% of overall M&A activity and with the introduction of IBC (Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code), it has only increased. It is considered that the IBC regime has not only aided the M&A sector but also provided procedures with timelines for effective distressed Merger and acquisition transactions.


Watch this video where our guest speaker discusses some important aspects including –

  • The role played by IBC in distress acquisition,
  • The CIRP process to settle such acquisitions,
  • Opportunities for investors and
  • The impact of pandemic on these acquisition.


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