08/08/2023 Let’s Get Real By LawWiser

#WatchNow #LawWiser’s panel discussion-

How has the pandemic affected mental well-being?

Our speakers include- Dr. Chris Stout, Clinical Psychologist and Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiative, and  Lubinisha Saha, General Counsel, India & South Asia- Airbus.

Moderated by Maurice L. Rabb- Senior Manager, Recruitment, at Baker Mckenzie; Board Member, TELL Japan, this discussion helps us understand different ways in which the pandemic has affected our mental well-being.

Our speakers open up about their personal pandemic story with its effect on their professional lives and cover different aspects such as-

– The short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic on mental health

– Preventive measures and initiatives taken by their organisations for the mental well-being of professionals

– How as as a leader one can advocate for the importance of paying attention to mental well-being

To watch more such engaging discussions and conversations tune into LawWiser’s campaign on mental health for the legal community – #letsgetreal where we create real conversations around mental well-being in the legal profession.

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