03/08/2023 Capital Markets, MSMEs, STARTUPS By LawWiser

The term Unicorn has found a new definition with the rise of startups around the world. And India is not far behind, having recorded more than 100 Startup Unicorns valued at around $340 Bn combined, the list is only growing!

LawWiser in collaboration with India Business Group explores this trending term Startup Unicorns in this interesting #FiresideChat about the Making of a Unicorn!

Join our host Aman Abbas Founder & CEO, LawWiser, in conversation with Amarjit Singh, CEO, India Business Group (London) where they explore –

⭐️ What pointers can other start-ups take from Unicorn start-ups who become a unicorn within a year of starting business?

⭐️ What are your thoughts on Unicorns being criticised for valuation and being termed as a bubble?

⭐️ As there has been a slowdown in the fundings, How does it affect the growth of start-ups?

⭐️ How would the UK-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) help in the growth of the start-ups in India and the UK?

⭐️ What pointers should the start-ups focus on to become a unicorn?

⭐️ What are the sectors where we would find more Unicorn Start-ups?

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