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The Sedition law in India is considerable for those who oppose the government or any political party.

This law prohibits people from participating in any action which the government may conduct against their will.

In this video, Avani Shukla of LawWiser talks about “Overview of Sedition Law in India” and takes us through the important judgments on this law. She also focuses on the major issues in the application of sedition law and what lies ahead of it.


Reason for Being Careful

With the sedition law in India.

People are unexpectable to do any activity that-

-Violates the Constitution of India or the Basic Principles of State Policy.

Any individual who refuses to follow these principles and laws falls under the sedition laws of India.

There are many reasons as to why one should be careful about the laws of Sedition.

India has been fighting international terrorism ever since the country gained independence from the British.

The people have always been worried about their country’s security, so they have given a lot of importance to this law, i.e. sedition law.

According to the sedition laws, anyone can invite worry for any activities that oppose the government policy.

The prominent role that the police department plays is monitoring all the organizations working against the government’s interests.


The Concern

The main reason why the people are bother able about the sedition law is because –

-They feel that the state is suppressing their rights.

The implementation of the anti-terrorism act has stopped most of the terrorist activities happening in the country.

All the laws related to the country’s constitution and the functioning of the government are under attack by the opposition.

The prime minister of India has been threatenable by the opposition for trying to implement the anti-terrorism act.

They have also filed numerous cases against the government on various counts. Due to all these things, the government is taking preventive measures to implement the anti-terrorism act properly.

There is hardly any communication between the centre and the states. When the central government says that it will take care of a state, the state government immediately objects.

It leads to a deadlock in the system, and the government has started fearing for their safety.

The government is also tensed of the misuse of police power by the bureaucracy.

All the problems that have been mentionable above have made the government very nervous, and this is one reason why they are implementing the Sedition law in India with great caution.



The Sedition law in India is also known as the Indian anti-federalism act.

The British government many years back realized it, but it was never implementable.

Under Section 124A of IPCthe offence of Sedition is committed when any person by words or otherwise brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the government regulated by law.

It was comprehendible in the constitution when the central government realized that the Hindu religion and the Government of India were under threat from fundamentalism.

There have been some judgments related to the sedition law, which many people still read.

The Supreme Court passed one such judgment in 1996, in which the Supreme Court quoted, “Sedition can only be practicable in rarest of rare cases when the security and integrity of the nation are under threat.

The Supreme Court even dismissed the PIL filed by Faruq Abdulla when he talked about the restoration of article 370.


The main goal of government

The main goal of the Indian government is to increase the literacy rate and maintain the economic growth level so that the national integrity of the country remains unharmed by any acts which violate peace and harmony within the country.

With this view in mind, the government has banned all books that do not fall in the purview of this act.

According to the news reports, many private schools in India are violating the Sedition law in India.

As they have been primarily comprisable in the protests of CAA, NRC etc.

There are various other laws, which have been comprehendable in the constitution to protect the citizens from all forms of injustice.

According to the news reports, thousands of crimes are committable based on religion.

Earlier in 2021, the riots broke out in eastern cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. It was mainly Muslims who rioted, but now the situation has changed. The Central and Southern states have been overblown by the riots comprising of Sedition.

They have seen communal tension spreading like wildfire.

It has forced the Indian government to declare state of emergency in all the cities and towns and has included Sedition in illicit activities.



As the government is conscious and careful regarding the integrity and peace of the nation.

The Supreme Court must be very aware concerning their decision on the acts of Sedition and take specific measures


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