QuickBytes – Legal Rights Within Article 226

25/07/2023 knowyourlaw By jiten


Article 226, empowers high courts to issue, to any person or authority, including the government (in appropriate cases), directions, orders or writs, including writs in the nature of –

1. Habeas Corpus

2. Mandamus

3. Prohibition

4. Quo-Warranto

5. Certiorari and more

Article 226 is the constitutional right granted to citizens significantly to put authorities to account. It is also the wide extraordinary powers that High Courts have.

Article 226 is among the most important Articles enshrined within the constitution. It is not only unique to our constitution in the way that it is drafted but also one that never existed in its current form in the Government of India Acts that preceded the Constitution of 1950. Thus, in the spirit of great pride we thus release this explainer, putting down what it signifies.

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