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15/01/2024 ALL CATEGORIES By LawWiser

Digital payments are need of the hour. With advancement of technology, the regulations in this sector have been developing as a step by step process. There have been some key legal developments in this space focusing on regulatory sandbox for fintech, regulations of payment intermediaries by the RBI, regulations for prepaid payment instruments by the RBI among others.

#Watchnow this interesting video on #LawWiser on “Regulatory framework for ease of digital payments” with Ugen Bhutia, Legal Head, SBI Card. Our host Sania Husaini in conversation with Mr Bhutia explores the framework for digital payments. They discuss the development of this sector and important regulations that have played key role in its development. They also focus on regulations for payment intermediaries by RBI. Lastly, he also shares the changes that are required for further development of this sector. Watch this now to know all about regulations for digital payments!

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