Rolling dices of Gaming Industry: The Gamble of Game of Skills vs Game of Chance

19/07/2023 gamingfornextgen By LawWiser

Whether gambling is a vice or virtue, has always been a debatable topic.

And today the trending debate in gaming revolves around Game of Skill vs Game of Chance.


To understand the complexity surrounding this issue, we present to you our explainer,

“Rolling dices of the Gaming industry in India- Game of Skills vs Game of Chance”.


Watch, Srinivas Kotni, Founder and Managing Director, Lexport, help us understand,

🎮 the origin of gaming laws in India,

🎮 changes in laws with different judicial interpretations, and

🎮 also the debate surrounding game of skill vs game of chance.


Watch this and get more details around this debate in this interesting video.


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